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New DAC or Speakers? What will put airy-ness in?
Not sure you will get much airy-ness with your receiver... this so much comes down to the weakest link in the chain, whether it is speakers, DAC or amplification. 
Please help newb put a system together
No, I'm not sure, it applies to most satellites, but if the manual says so, take it seriously. That means you need a crossover. Man, you are in a pickle. Would you consider selling all 3 speakers + subwoofer to fund an exciting set of floorstanders? 
Please help newb put a system together
Well, given that the Sunfire sensitivity is 90db, and they don't go any lower than 95Hz, they should be an easy load on the iNova. So I see no reason to scrap the iNova plan. You might, however, consider upgrading your sub, in particular as the su... 
Oh how I wish Class D amps ...
We should never underestimate the importance of system synergy and how some components are not a good match. Timtim, maybe a more appropriate elaboration would have been "Oh how I wish Class D amps would be a good synergy with my Vapor Cirrus spea... 
Using Airport Express/AirTunes.
The constant rebuffering thing with the Touch may be your router..... I had that very same issue and changed the settings in the router... allowing more bandwith... and no problems since. 
Optical to RCA converter
I would recommend you'd look into Monarchy DIPs which, in addition to converting the signal from toslink to coax, re-clocks it and really improves the sound of lesser transports and/or jitter sensitive DACs. Various versions of the Monarchy DIPs s... 
Could Monarchy DIP Combo improve my Logitech Touch
I think the question should rather be: "Would the Monarchy DIP Combo improve the Chord DAC64?" As DIPs tend to show the greatest improvement with DACs sensitive to transport and digital cable quality, but may otherwise be great (jitter reduction n... 
Sonos - Optical or Coax or RCA out?
To take advantage of the Nova's internal DAC (which some say is the best part of the Nova), you need to use a digital input. There is a general consensus that COAX -all things being equal- is better than Optical, but it may still depend on your so... 
Monarchy Audio DIP/Upsampler Combo
Based on my experiences with Monarchy DIPs (including non-upsampling ones), as well as reviews/discussion forums, I think it is the re-clocking and jitter reduction that these units do that is responsible for most of the improvements. Hence, impro... 
MHDT Havana vs Apogee Mini DAC ?
Timrhu: I'm curious about your post, didn't you sell your PS Audio DL III and upgrade not so long ago? 
best used inexpensive cd only player
Why CD only? I believe you are really limiting some good budget choices by excluding universal players. 
Best CD Player HDCD under $1000US
Yes, how about the Oppo BD 83 SE. Amazing value, and it does so much more than HDCD! 
Replacing Nano with iPod for Best Sound
To help answer your question, the following is a quotation from Red Wine Audio, which does modification on certain iPods:"What you may not know is that that the 4th and 5th generation iPods use a very high-quality internal Wolfson Microelectronics... 
DVD/CD Redbook Player
The top of the line Oppo universal player, BD 83SE is within your price range. Sabre 32 bit DACs, enhanced analog output stage, and stellar reviews. Plays everything out there, from SACD to Blue Ray. 
Downsizing and child proofing
Well, this is getting a bit off topic, but as a father of young children, I agree with Lloydc that the idea of child proofing is often taken way too far. It is a balancing act between common-sense child proofing, adequate supervision and parenting...