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Need a DAC recommendation
Agreed, the importance of the Analog circuit and quality of components is crucial. But in the terms of value, digital has come a long way when we look at sub $600 category (i.e. this thread), and the $150 HRT Streamer in my office system smokes my... 
Need a DAC recommendation
I would like argue the importance of the overall design of a DAC, such implementation of the output stage (opamps, tube, discrete fets)and power the supply, which some say is more important than the dac chips and bit rates.However, taking this 180... 
What music is best for life in a tiny box?
For whatever its worth, CEntrance Dacport got a stellar review by Atkinson in Stereophile, if jitter is your concern. For you information, Benchmark DACs, which greatest strength is low jitter, license the USB implementation from Centrance. 
What music is best for life in a tiny box?
Some ideas, with the core being a computer and a real decent DAC:Decent netbook with large solid state drive for media storage ($500)CEentrance Dacport usb DAC/headphone amp ($400)Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones ($314.95 on Amazon)Etymotic ER4 earpho... 
Morrow MA3 interconnects
How many hours of break-in? Mike Morrow has stated that the bass is the last thing to settle in.... have you reached the 400 hour mark yet?I just ordered MA2 myself, and lean bass is the last thing I'm longing for... keep us posted. 
Hrrmmm..What a difference..Now must move speakers
I think the fact that Ayre is a balanced design, and thus reaches it's best potential using balanced inputs may have been a significant factor here, in other words, you may be comparing apples and oranges here in regard to your specific setup. Com... 
What's better than a Jolida 100cdp & under 1k?
oppo 83se 
Still lost on my pre amp, can anyone help?
Why not keep the Pioneer for movies, and find a good pre-amp (or integrated amp to simplify) with a Hometheater bypass/pass-through? 
Question: DAC too hot & want to add sub
I think the AVR500 may be the culprit, so yes, adding a GOOD preamp would help, perhaps a hybrid integrated would be your ticked. Better quality preamp and amp (or integrated) would also result in better tonal balance with more bass and less hot t... 
Help with system overhaul What would you do....
I think it would help a great deal to address the question of priorities first: which is more important to you, music listening or home theater? Given the site you are posting on, most here expect you to prefer music first, and therefore a lot of ... 
What is my next step to a better sound ?
ditto Elizabeth and Kbarkamian!As you may know, there are many threads on audiogon on source vs. speakers. Even articles in past audiophile publications where CEO's of Wilson Loudspeakers and Linn debate the question. I believe both have a very va... 
Help me build a fine PC sound system
This might fit your bill, USB in so no need for soundcard! 
Apple TV without TV
Have you considered Squeezebox touch? Much better sound quality via analog out.... easy interface, and no need for Ipad or Ipod touch... 
MacMini/HP laptop vs Trends UD10 compatible?
Yes, if you want to go the USB route. However, the Mini has optical out (mini jack), which reportedly can sound very good, so you could bypass the Trends (you could try both and decide for your self which sounds better). Good Luck 
difference between an active and a passive preamp?
And, as a result of having no active gain, passives are generally more transparent, and provide more bang for the buck if gain is not an issue. If you have only one source, check out Luminous audio axiom