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A Good Match?
No, you gotta do better than that. 
yes, you can. But you may need an USB to Coax converter, such as the MF V-Link to hook it up. 
New to computer audio and simple question....
No, but there is a software hacking/tweak that might work in your it out,Good luck, 
advice need on peachtree decco 2 vs hybrid jolida
I second Detrewings, in the context of your speakers, you should be looking elsewhere, if you don't want tubes, how about low powered class A? Or tripath like Red Wine Audio. Higher quality lower wattage amps would allow you to get the most out of... 
media player for mac.
decibel, pure music amarra, all which will sound better than iTunes. According to Stereophile, Decibel is the giant killer, for about $40. 
Please help a Novice
OK, lots of good speaker advice. Just keep in mind the whole picture, make sure you set some funds aside for the upgrade from the Technics receiver. Some of the speakers recommended above, such as as the Triangle Titus, are great, capable of the r... 
whats in a name?
popping noise when turning on amp/preamp
Perhaps shielded vs. unshielded interconnects! Try to route your more expensive (culprit) differently and away from power cables... and see if the buzz goes away.... or stick with the cheapo ones if you hear no difference in sound.... 
Budget DAC
I second Swampwalker's recommendation. I'm blown away by the performance of the basic non + unit in my office system.I would also check out CEntrance dacport, which is a similar product. 
step up transformer on cd player
I recommend Philmore voltage converter if you can find one; I have had good experience with them both here and overseas.A 100 watt one should be less than $30 
Best integrated for $500?
With the Titus 202 in a small room you have a lot of options, as you don't need much power. I have the same Titus model in my office powered by Boulder Cable modified TEAC tripath amp (30wx2), which is more than enough. Interestingly, I also had t... 
W4S ST-1000, How Loud Should It Play?
Hearing.... ?Seriously though, a good preamp could change your game, and provide more gain, resulting in more loudness (and music too) 
Need a DAC recommendation
I think you have a great combo with the rainmakers and the C375BEE to start with!A lot is going to depend on the quality of the digital out of your soundcard- i.e., what route to take. The V-DAC appears to be one of those rare over achievers at it... 
Audio Refinement Pre5 + Multi5 or Cronus Magnum?
You got efficient speakers.... looks like a great match with the Rogue Cronus Magnum, and much more exciting sound. So, if it was up to me, yes, I would do it! 
Need a DAC recommendation
If you will only be doing computer audio, then I urge you to research USB DACs. There has been a lot of development recently, and USB now handles high resolution files. There are two approaches, asynchronous (e.g.,Ayre, Wavelength, HRT, Wyred 4 so...