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Sending pre in for service, need volume controller
Luminous audio axiom 
Will I improve HT audio with an external DAC?
It will, but you will not be able to reap the benefits from TrueHD and DTS-HD, hence the sound from the player´s analog out might rival the dac on HD recordings. 
Which dac with this system?
Not sure $300-500 will get you where you need to go with this. In the light of Mapman's comments, you might want to consider a tube preamp and use the analog output of the Touch. The only DAC with volume control and balanced out at this price rang... 
Will I improve HT audio with an external DAC?
If you are doing blue ray only, a regular dac does not seem to make sense. If you are doing a lot of music cds, then yes, absolutely. Erikt, the Creek Destiny is an integrated amp, so a preamp is irrelevant. 
How long it take before your system/amps sound
Dracule1,I don't believe a tube DAC is going to suck up a lot of electricity, and as Tbg pointed out, turning the tubes off and on may actually shorten tube life. Tube power amps are a totally different matter. 
iMac + what DAC to exceed my Rotel CD player?
I second the PS Audio DL-III and the V-Dac. However, if you will only be connecting the iMac to the DAC, I recommend that you strongly consider USB only DACs, such as the HRT Music Streamer II+ ($350) and the Centrance DACport LX ($300) which will... 
Which makes more sense? - CD player vs SACD
check out oppo bdp 95; best of both, even three worlds if you would integrate blueray/ 
Audioengine 2's vs. Bose Dock for cube farm audio
No, I have not compared the two. I have the audioengine 2 at work, and even at low volume in nearfield listening, it continues to amaze me, particularly bass at low volume...I have compared the audioengine 2 and 5, and much prefer the 2 at lower v... 
Need Some DAC + Headphone Advice
peachtree audio nova (dac/integrated w/ a decent headphone amp) 
New DAC or new cable?
Yes, I have read that too, that the AX7e doesn't reach its potential with the RCA inputs. That has to do, in part, with the fact it is a balanced design. Using rca to xlr cable from the Minimax will not change anything-as the Minmax DAC is NOT a b... 
$1000 player or dac recommendation
If you are just into the good old CDs and don't plan on computer audio, I would look into the now discontinued Oppo BDP83 SE, which can now often be found on audiogon for very reasonable $500-700. Better yet, a modified versions from Modwright, EV... 
Bedroom system: want 50w integrated w/ XLR inputs
Best AV receiver if I also want very good music?
As you only have two speakers for the time being, and music is your #1 love, why not consider an integrated amplifier? A good integrated will outperform receivers and many separates, and will work fine with your blueray players analog outputs. Che... 
Seeking advice on how to improve my system
In relation to the quality of your system, 10 foot run of Kimber PBJ and the 8TC speaker cables seem like the weak point to me. I would definitively explore and play with alternatives. Check out threads on Anti-cables, Morrow Audio Cables.. to nam... 
Does Hardware Matter?
You don't even need another computer for streaming online radio stations- Logitech Squeezebox Touch will do the trick for less money- and much better sound.