Ypsilon Phaethon

Just wondering if any of you have heard this integrated amp.  On paper, it appears to be very impressive.  I will be getting an opportunity to audition it at home soon.

I'm looking to upgrade from my Luxman L-590AX and will be pairing the new amp with my B&W 803 D3 speakers.
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A reviewer I trust absolutely LOVES the Phaethon. I'd like to hear it along with the new Absolare integrated. 
Looks interesting, what is the price on this unit?

Nevermind, I just found out. $25K, that's a bit out of my reach.
Greg I see you are using the B&W 803 D3 speakers. How long have you had them?  I had the chance to hear the 802 D3 speakers last week and they sounded mighty fine. From what I heard they would be on a short list of speakers, if I ever decided to change. Can you tell me sonically the difference from the 803 D3 vs the 802 D3? 

Sksos - I have had my speakers since November.  They are wonderful and are a huge improvement of the previous generation. I did not spent a lot of time with the 802s are they were beyond my budget at that time.  Do they sound better?  Perhaps a bit better on the low end. The sonic signatures between the 802 and 803 are very similar.  I guess one could say that the 802 accomplishes the task with slightly more authority. 

If if I had to do it over again, I would have still chosen the 803 as I simply did hear enough incremental difference to 
justify the spread in price.  I would encourage you to compare both if possible.  

$25,000 and it has an LCD display same as my Sony Dream Machine clock radio! At half that price you could have a nice vacuum fluorescent display like on ARC gear. But I’m sure the LCD sounds better...