Your Perfect Office System?

If you wanted good background music with a bit of dynamic for a wide range of music styles, what would be your perfect ofice system: amp/receiver, cd player, FM tuner, speakers?
Bud, when I had an office I used a Linn Classik and ProAc Tablette 2000 speakers. I happen to work from a home office now so my system doesn't bother co-workers and I rather enjoy it. I assembled it from components previously in my main rig and some gear bought here on AudioGon. My system isn't perfect but I like it:

Oracle Alexandria turntable, MMT arm, Grado Platinum cartridge

Atlantic Reference series 5-shelf stand (mahogany)

Cambridge Audio K-500 Isomagic Isolation Platform (under the CD player)

Audio Refinement Complete CD player (with remote)

Audio Refinement Complete tuner

Classe Audio Model Thirty preamplifier (with phono stage and remote, EAR feet)

Classe Audio DR-8 amplifier (EAR feet)

Martin Logan Aerius bi-wire speakers (3 Audio Selection spikes under each speaker)

Sony KV1326R 13" television, wall mounted swivel stand

Philips CDR765 CD Recorder (remote control)
Classik T is the winner with whatever small monitor you like. Rogers, Spendors, you know the drill.
No need for such a huge investment in a small office. I have a NAD 370 with a pair of bookshelf Boston VR series. Great sound.
not perfect but gets the job done

an NAD 710 receiver
B&W 302's (excellent resolution)
Cal AUdio Aria (tube) cd player
Nakamichi BX 150 for cassette playback

THe cassette and cd player were pieces that evolved from my bedroom system

Home office is different; just another room. Commercial office has to be heard and not seen. Something with a remote control is a must for a commercial office.

Home Office:
YBA Integre DT with phono
B&W CDM-1 (original version) and stands.
Blue Circle BC92 speaker cables.
Pioneer DVD with Stan Warren Mods
Dual Turntable/Ortofon OM-20 Super
Onkyo Integra T4087 Tuner
Siltech interconnects
Sony Television

Work Office
Onkyo Integra Audio Receiver (Not an HT receiver).
B&W DM100i bookshelf speakers (on the bookshelf).
Rotel RCD-855 CD player
MAS Black Interconnects
IXOS speaker cables

Westlake Lc5.75F speakers
Cardas Golden Reference cables
Boulder 1060 amplifier
Boulder 1012 preamplifier/RIAA/DAC
Basis 2500/Graham Robin/ClearAudio Victory
Accuphase DP-85 SACD/CD player
Zoethecus Z.3/R
HOT secretary to flip records for me and fetch coffee...

I have the unfortunate situation of working for an employer, so a home office for me is out right now. But that doesn't mean that I cannot enjoy my music with fine sound when I am in fact working. It's just when you are working in an office with about 30 other people, and you you have to sit in an individual cubicle, it makes it rather difficult for me to set up and enjoy VERY FINE music without receiving some kind of objection from your co-workers, not to mention getting chastised by your boss. So, in order to satisfy my fetish for fine sound, and keep my boss and my co-workers happy at the same time, I listen to to music at work on the following system:

Office/Portable System:

Headphones: Sennheiser HD-580 (the same ones used with my home rigs).
Amplifier: HeadRoom Total AirHead (the "9 Volt" version).
CD Player: Sony CD Walkman D-EJ815.
Cable: Straight Wire Short Portable Cable.

And a hot, beautiful and busty secretary to share my lunches with when I am not listening to music (DEFINITELY........ MUSIC TO THEE EYES, IF NOT THE EARS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!).

Home System

Look in "Virtual Systems" and look for the entry "Small Room/High Resolution Audio System".

In addition to my home audio system, add a Dell Dimmension XPS T650R Pentium III Personal Computer with 256 MB SDRAM, 60 GB HD, 32 MB Video Card, SoundBlaster "MP3 Live" Sound Card, DVD-ROM Drive, CD-RW Drive, Boston Acoustics Speaker System with Subwoofer, and a Dell 15" Flat Screen Monitor (and my PC is used for music too. I tend to use it when I want something that sounds better than my JVC XL-M509TN CD Player/Changer, but I don't feel like turning on big system. I also have a bunch of MP3 files loaded on my hard drive).

Home Office???? Who needs a friggin' Home Office (just kidding to those of you who are lucky to have one. I just wished that I have one myself. Maybe one day perhaps???)????

Yamaha mini system - Black piano speaker model sounds nicest for $300-$500. Try or your local Best Buys.

I choose this over Denon/Mission, Onkyo/Polk, JVC, Sony, Teac. But I think some Panasonic mini's sounded acceptable -also low theft value. Or cheap if they do get stolen.
The Bose Wave Radio/CD at under $500 is excellent for an office. It provdes FM and CD in a very small package with okay sound for an office. Please see the following:
Another cheap solution is to get a portable CDP which also has a tuner. Walmart sells them for $80-150. I like Panasonic the best. Sony is not recommended. Many now have a tiny remote as well.
Then get some self powered speakers like these Swan Divas:

So for around $350 you could get a very nice sounding, stylish system. And you could use the Walkman on the plane etc., not just in the office.
I'm down with Jeff & Celtic66. A Linn Classik and a pair of Linns or ProAcs will give you a look and a sound very appropriate for the office.
cd rom drive, and external speakers...I'm not spending a penny on audio outside of my home system. I'm sure my income is dramatically less than others who post on this thread.