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DC Metro -- New
Yes, it was fun before. We should do it again.Tom 
Creek 4330
Yes it does... 
To dac or not to dac
I use a DAC and love it. A DAC on a basic level is just the guts of a CD player, without the mechanism to spin and read the disc. Better guts, better sound. There is also some benefit in separating / isolating the two parts of the equation (CD rea... 
Remasters: which are the good ones?
The problem is that many of these re-masters are not done for audiophiles. They are made to sound better in the car or on portable devices. In a high resolution system, they sound worse. 
Picture discs - Collectors items?
Not worth anything, but my prized possession that always gets a chuckle is a clear (see through) green colored LP of Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. It is by the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy.The narrator is David Bowie... 
Cambridge 640, 740 and 840
Spearit Sound has the same prices as AA and free shipping as well. 
CD players for soundstage depth
Just get a better CD player period. If it outputs nice clean detailed sound, that will in itself produce the good soundstage, if you have the rest of the system in good order. 
how much to offer friend for records
If he is really a friend and vise versa, he will likely give you a fair price. So as a friend you should pay what he asks. 
CD players for soundstage depth
I really think that other factors like speaker placement, room dimensions, room acoustics, then your amp/preamp and cables will all have a much larger determining factor on soundstage depth, than what CD player you are using.Or is this the final t... 
Budget CD player recommendation
Do you have a DVD player? Try it and see if you like it first before spending more money. 
Break in period for albums.?
Something similar happens when people start listening to classical music in general. They all start out with the mainstream often played compositions by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Haydn. Over time they branch out Brahms, Dvorak, Schubert, Ch... 
6SN7 based Pre-Amplifier
The original Blue Circle BC21 uses 6SN7 tubes.So does the Rogue 99 and 99 MagnumSo does this preamp.... :-) [url][/url]. 
Pls. help w/song-"Close your eyes and sing to me"
Maybe.... Shut your eyes and sing to me ??by Snow Patrol 
tube amp / ss preamp configuration?
Nothing wrong either way if you like the results.Former Conrad Johnson engineer Bill Thalmann has used a CJ/Motif solid state preamp and a CJ tube amp for years with very happy results.You may wish to ask him yourself the where what and why.His em... 
Why do my transformers hum sometimes?
As someone else already stated, the likely culprit is DC offset. You can blame your power company. While an isolation transformer will stop the gear from humming, the same DC offset may cause the isolation transformer itself to hum.