Yggdrasil - what next?

Like many of you, I've been working at home for the past several weeks. Fortunately, I have my home office set up in my primary listening room. I think I've listened to my system more in the past month than in the previous year. While I like the way my system sounds - a lot - I'm wondering what I can do to make it even more satisfying.

I'm into DIY and have a couple projects in the works to build a new amp (Firstwatt F5 derivative) and preamp (still working on the design), but I don't think I want to tackle trying to build my own DAC.

My system currently consists of the following components:

Intel NUC i7 running Roon ROCK with moderate FLAC collection (1200 CDs) and Tidal streaming
Bryston BDP-2 with upgraded audio board (primarily AES/EBU to DAC)
Schiit Yggdrasil A2 USB5
Parasound JC-2 BP
Parasound JC-5
GR-Research NX-Otica 
GR-Research stereo triple OB servo subs with Rythmic plate amps.
PS-Audio Stellar Power Plant 3 for front-end components

I've owned the Yggy for a little over 2 years and have really enjoyed its sound. I've heard a few other DACs, some in my system, and the only one that I've heard that I really thought was better was the DCS Rossini, which unfortunately is more than a little above my budget. 

I've considered the PS-Audio Directstream (haven't heard it), but I think this is going to be a little too laid back for my taste based on what I've read about it. I like the dynamics and detail of the Yggy, and the relatively forward presentation. I'm looking for something that will be a step up in quality over the Yggy, but that has a similar presentation. In other words, more of what the Yggy does well. 

The one DAC that is on my radar is the Denafrips Terminator. At about $4500, this is about the most I'd consider spending. If you've had experience with both this DAC and the Yggy A2, I'd be very interested in your perspective. 

Any other DACs that I should be looking at? I'd consider buying used, but probably only if I'd end up spending less or if the DAC has a strong enough reputation that I could easily resell if I wasn't thrilled with it. If I can find a DAC that is also a Roon ready endpoint that would allow me to sell my streamer, all the better. 


If it were me, I would consider the Ayre QB-9 Twenty. I spoke with Ayre and they feel it is a considerable upgrade from the Codex- which I feel is very close to the Schiit Yggy.
 Owned the Gungnir non multibit, it was good but not as good as the Codex, IMHO.
Everyone recommends what they have... and I'm no different. I love my Chord Qutest DAC ($1800) and would suggest any recent Chord DAC. Not much available from them in your price range except the Hugo 2 at $2495. The next step up is the Chord Hugo TT 2 DAC & Headphone Amplifier for $5495.

Thanks for the responses so far.

I don't think the Ayre QB-9 Twenty is available any longer. I heard the QB-9 DSD and thought it was a good value, but not an improvement over the Yggy for me. There is a local Ayre dealer, so I will stop by once we're over the Shelter-at-home stuff if I haven't made a purchase by then. 

Chord has been on a roll with some great products, but again not sure if they have anything that would be an improvement over the Yggy without stepping up to the Dave which is well beyond my budget. I'd like to hear it someday though. 

I actually did a comparison with the Yggy and Hugo TT  (not the TT2 though) in the same system (although not mine). I thought the Hugo TT had a bit better sound stage - a bit more three dimensional - but fell short of the Yggy when it came to bass performance and dynamic slam. The TT2 might be better but I don't think I can deal with the ergonomic design. I want to be able to put the dac in a middle shelf. And a new one is beyond my budget. 

I've heard good things about T+A, but don't have much experience with the brand. Thanks for the suggestion - I will look into this product. 

I had the yaggy ( Border Patrol Dac prior to that) and although it was very accurate it was too much of a good IMHO.
After reading some of the buzz here on the Audio Mirror Tuboudor III SE, I gave it a try. $2500 with 2 week trial period. 
I love this thing.

My 2 cents