Would you put Beryllium in your ears?

I own two pairs of Focal speakers, both with Beryllium tweeters.  Packed in with the speakers are fluorescent orange adhesive labels; “use this adhesive label to seal the face of the Beryllium tweeter in case of damage to the dome”.  Beryllium tweeters sound wonderful, in my opinion on both of these speakers (Scala Utopia V2’s and Electra 1038 BE2’s) and should be quite safe in speakers.  
Which is why I was intrigued when recently, I’ve seen Beryllium earbuds hit the market.  Knowing it is toxic, and one can doubt absolute care is taken to rid all fragments and particles in the manufacturing process, or even if they were to become damaged while in your ears...  
I’d like to know your opinions, if you would use them.  Would you put Beryllium in your ears?
To the best of my knowledge it’s the Beryllium dust in manufacturing which is dangerous, either dust or welding fumes. Other wise in solid form it’s an inert metal. Many people have handled Beryllium parts for years with no apparent issues
I would not let Beryllium deter me.

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Interesting risks here:

" Risk to workers depends considerably on their work tasks. For example, machinists in both ceramics and nuclear weapons manufacture have been found to have an increased risk of developing sensitization. This is probably due to small respirable particles of beryllium (<10 microns) that may be better able to deposit deep in the lungs. Other studies have shown that laboratory workers and construction workers in beryllium-using facilities are also at increased risk. However, numerous individuals with apparently trivial exposure, such as security guards, secretaries, and bystanders, have also developed disease. This suggests that a linear dose response may be absent. Inhaling metallic beryllium, beryllium oxide, beryllium-copper and other alloys, or beryllium salts are the major exposure risks leading to disease (Martyny et al. 2000; Sawyer et al. 2002; Willis and Florig 2002)."

I will make sure my beryllium speaker drivers stay intact!  (But my nagging cough gets me thinking......)
Elrod, even if solid, beryllium is extremely toxic. If you damage a beryllium tweeter, for safety’s sake, it needs to be replaced ASAP! It’s that dangerous from everything I have read for many years.
Congratulations you certainly have ultra premium tweeters.  Beryllium is  extremely mechanically rigid yet lightweight compared to other materials.  My Shure ultra-high tracking phono cartridge needle is made of beryllium too. The micro-particles if inhaled can get into the bloodstream and cause cell death kind of a slow way to die.
I have a cocobolo bodied guitar, and cocobolo dust is real bad...suffice to say the guitar sounds great and will only be a health issue if I eat it.