Would you move to a bigger house if you could just to have a better listening room ?

Let's see how crazy we are.


@roxy54 - thanks. As it happens, my rooms is pretty much the same size as yours - 14 x 12 x 9.5. I would love if it were two feet bigger all round, but I'm not moving house for it and, with appropriate treatment, it sounds pretty good.

I did have my dream house, and I had a dedicated living listening space we had a piano, a set of drums, electric guitars, bass guitars and amplifiers too. When I bought this stereo system I lived in a dormitory in Holland. This was built with all Adirondack Timber , it had a cathedral ceiling and 2nd floor loft suite and bath. Great acoustics, we didn't need high fidelity amplification or any sound treatments. The natural reverb was Church.

Adirondack Homestead


I have bragging rights to a 4’ section of the closet that is "dedicated" to my duds -- mostly themed T-shirts such as: "Real Cars Don’t Shift Themselves". Otherwise, we have a "shared" space. I do have an understanding wife who tolerates 6’-4" Alpine white custom designed/built speakers in the living room. She did pass the "I love you" test a while back when I observed that the recent installation of a sign/framed Barry Manilow musical score hanging on the wall detracted from the sound quality of the system (it was at a first reflection point) and allowed me to relocate it.

That being said, when we open the doors to the patio, a mini Amphitheater unfolds before us and those over-performing rock speakers and hidden sub strut their stuff. Plenty of space for fire pit, adequate seating, objects to hold food and drink .. and people. We enjoy inviting over people we don’t like just to watch them "fluff up" when the music starts playing. Okay, adult beverages might be a factor?

This topic reminds me of when I attended one, of many, professional conferences for AV dealers. The price of real estate was discussed. At $1,000+ per square foot in some areas, a 400 square foot "dedicated" room would cost $400k -- BEFORE you put anything in it! A quick calculation reached the result that our 15lb dog would consume about $1,200 of floor space in a prime location. Worth the price of admission, for sure.

As we approached retirement age, the harsh reality of 4th grade math came into play. Our retirement was going to be a "This -- OR -- This" existence and not so much "This -- AND -- This." Things like: 25’ motorhome towing a Fiat 500c, vs a 45’ Motorhome towing a Lamborghini (in an enclosed trailer). And, a shared listening, viewing, visiting, sharing space vs dedicated room.

This topic definitely fails in to the "good problems to have" category. Sure beats discussions about the pros and cons of prostate laser surgery.

Good topic.

Iam happy where Iam now. If  I have money to spend ? Yes I will move to a place like MikeLavigne or maybe bigger to have headroom if I decided to get bigger speakers.