Would you move to a bigger house if you could just to have a better listening room ?

Let's see how crazy we are.


I have dedicated listening and viewing nook in my basement, so , sure, I would trade up.  But my retirement apartment that I  will move into in 3 years already has a room that will be my listening room, so no harshing my buzz!

My house is very nice plenty big for listening purposes.  I had some things done when built to make it amenable for listening and I am setup to listen in 6 different rooms.  So I have it very good in every regard when it comes to room for us all to do their thing.


I am looking at retirement in the not too distant future.  Would like to downsize.  THE hit to my audio listening conveniences and flexibility is a big thing for me.   We will see what happens.  I am very spoiled in this regard currently!

@feldmen4  That's awesome and heroic. You share my sentiment about developers. I hate them.  

We did however buy the 10 wooded acres directly behind our house last year rather than listen to construction noise for the next 10 years while some yahoo developer throws 30-40 houses back there.

to sum up: audiophiles prefer not only to isolate their listening rooms but also themselves from the rest of the World by moving as far away from people as possible