Will Lyra Delos get Lambda upgrade?

From what I understand the upper tier Lyra cartridges have been getting a "Lambda" upgrade wondering if the Delos and/or Kleos will eventually be upgraded as well?

I have a Delos with a broken cantilever thanks to a certain now ex girlfriend that I miss way more than her lol - may as well wait to have it rebuilt until the upgraded version appears if it's coming down the pipe.

I might also consider the Kleos SL as it's a better match for my Parasound JC3 but again may as well wait for the Lambda version if it's going to be upgraded.

If anyone has insight on this let me know, the Delos is by far the best cartridge I've owned, bought a Rega Apheta 2 which was the easy choice on an RP10 but it's not in the same league as the Lyra.
You bring up an interesting point...will the Delos and the Kleos get Lambda upgrades, my bet is that they will. 
If so they should be able to do rebuilds to the Lambda spec.  I've been waiting a few years now so waiting a bit longer makes sense if it's coming down the pipe.
Yes please, I would not mind knowing what upgrading an Atlas SL would cost. 
I am not sure the lower range cartridges will be upgraded. It will increase the cost and I would think Lyra would want certain characteristics to distinguish the upper range cartridges. Time will tell. 
It would be interesting to know if the rebuild price goes higher with Lambda compared to prior but I do know that Lyra has stated all Etna and Atlas cartridges that are returned for rebuilding will automatically be upgraded to the latest Lambda specification.
I have a Delos, I asked dealer - they said no word... but as others have said @jcarr would have an answer...
Has anyone heard any new news on this?  I've poked around online but have not read anything specific regarding the Delos or the Kleos. 

Fingers crossed..!