Why do speakers improve with more powerful amps?

So, if I have a solid state amp that more than adequately powers a speaker, why do people recommend a larger more powerful amplifier to improve things?

Why do more powerful amplifiers impact speaker sound quality in a favorable way? Is it because more power is reaching the speakers? Mid and Tweeter drivers I was told receive a reduced signal versus bass drivers which receive relatively more power via crossovers.  All for the purpose of balancing a signal going to the various drivers.




I recently asked a very similar question at DIYaudio and got some really in-depth responses which I felt really got to the root of the amplifier/speaker matching problem.

Take a look:



In support of what others have said, such as Carls, I have a 100 watt amp, and I bet I am only using the first 15 watts.  I think where it becomes more confusing is when a passage has huge bass it or huge horn entry, does the amp have the ability output alot of current in a short period of time.  This is where I could notice a difference between an AVR and my AHB2 although both has a similar wattage value.  

It's the quality of the signal powering the speakers that would seem to be very important.  A large reservoir of power well designed within an amplifier allows for the frequency demands to be there when you need them.  Presumably a higher powered amplifier would achieve this better than a lower powered amplifier.

Are there other factors that improve a speakers performance when an amplifier offers more power?? And why is this

Dear @jumia  : Speakers does not ask for watts but for current, so watts is useless in your question but manufacturers normally does not gives amp current delivery but watts that has a close relationship in between.

Now, through our audio life normally we can change 2,3 or four times our speakers so to own a high current or high watts amp specs is really favorable. Always is way better the headroom necessary in the amp when the speakers and the SPL we choose need it.

High watts amps does not damage any speaker when low watt amps can do it: clipping and at those SPL your tweeters disappears/destroy.


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From my experience, blanket statements should be avoided at all costs.

The fact that "your speakers" and "your amplifier" worked in "your listening space" with "your music", doesn't mean much when you change all the parameters and certainly shouldn't be the basis of a recommendation to someone else.

In my case, the increased power from 50WPC to 200WPC made a significant improvement. My speakers have an efficiency of 85dB.