Who is that incredible jazz bass girl?

Saw her twice now on pbs. Most recently stole the show playing for the prez at the tribute concert for Stevie Wonder. She is a young black woman who sings and plays bass with a jazz troop and sounds way beyond her years.
Anybody know who Im talking about? Would like to buy her albums.
checked her out.. pretty cool.. i'm really glad for posts like this.. found Black keys this way last week :-)
The Black Keys been around for a while now dang. Anyway there are a couple Black Keys concerts for download from NPR live concerts from all songs considered podcast. Can be subscribed from itunes also.
Her latest CD certainly has it's moments - she sings and plays like she is from Rio, but I think she actually grew up in Portland, OR. She's something of a prodigy.

Here she is on Jimmy Kimmel Live:


and this on 2nd Cup Cafe:

Esperanza Spalding... and she swings too, Phat pocket...

Thats it! Esparanza Spalding thanks, how about that, right here in Portland. Brazilian influence is definitely there, big fan of bosa nova Getz/Gilberto stuff
Have her cd on order, wonderful jazz voice.
We saw her playing with joe Lovano at Manchester Craftmans's Guilde here in Pittsburgh last year. She was by far the coolest person on stage, and that includes Joe. She can play the hell out of that bass too!
thanks all, this is the one that got me

at the White House tribute to Stevie Wonder

I was lucky enough to hear David Bowie's Berkeley gig before his health problems on the European leg of his tour a few years back. His touring band's bass player Gail Ann Dorsey was primal--she covered his Freddie Mercury duet, Under Pressure and killed.She has a website and may have put out a solo CD.