What an incredible performance !

Hello everyone, and hoping you are all well. So, on another thread, my old friend, viber6, made a recommendation of a particular recording, stating that this particular rendition of the music, the " performance ", was the best he has heard. With the respect I have for viber, as a lover of classical music, and a stellar violinist based on my knowledge, I purchased a used mint cd copy of it, and this is what it is : NAXOS 8.573513......Mozart Violin Concertos Nos. 3,4,5. It is an all DDD recording, as some of you might not like ( to each his / her own ), and might not quench your " audiophile " ideals. I have to say, viber was right on. As I am always a " performance first " listener ", I will be looking into some more NAXOS recordings. Enjoy ! MrD.