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Garrard 401 service & tweaking my new project.
Why would changing the voltage on the voltage create a condition where the strobe wouldn't work? It's still 33.3, or is it the voltage on the lamp? 
Tesla Battery as a power supply?
I was just thinking that if the battery can store electricity from either the grid or cells on the roof it would be a natural buffer to line noise, and that might have some sonic value.  
Quiex svp blue note records
I have a couple. Sonny Rollins, I believe. Very quiet vinyl, as the name implies. They don't have quite the clarity of the Music Matters pressings, but - at least the ones I have - aren't too far from it. I think they're 200g pressings, also. Good... 
primer on buying vintage tubes?
Once you buy your first old tubes, forever with they dominate your soul. 
Cartridge Alignment
You can get a Geodisc on Amazon for $49.95. They work great. 
More mainstream news on growing interest in vinyl
It's these damned Johnny-Come-Lately bearded hipsters, making good vinyl at reasonable prices harder to find. 
Audio Technica ART 9
I saw that LP Gear has it. Is AT having a distribution issue in the US? It seems like there are very few places carrying their cartridges, especially their higher end ones. 
Alignment question
I was thinking the same thing, especially now that I found the bases to the Pans. (movers had buried them in the garage. Took ten weeks to find them.) 
Swap out 12bz7 in favor of 12ax7?
Just to follow up on this. I got my amp back today from Cary and did a quick A/B comparison between the 12bz7 and the 12ay7s and, indeed, the output volume with the 12ay7's is lower than the 12bz7's, requiring a little more volume on the pre-amp. ... 
Swap out 12bz7 in favor of 12ax7?
Sorry, I transposed that tube number. It should be a 6072A. 
Swap out 12bz7 in favor of 12ax7?
The EL84s aren't really in the signal chain. He said the 12BZ7s would be a better place to start. 
Swap out 12bz7 in favor of 12ax7?
I suppose what I should have done in the first place is to call Cary and see what they had to say about it, so I did. Marc, their V12 guru, says that the 12bz7 and 12ax7 both have a mu of about 100 and so would have similar gain characteristics. T... 
Single ended RCA preamp short list
Emotive Audio (not Emotiva). All single ended tubes, made in Pennsylvania. Great equipment. I'm listening to mine right now. 
Any tricks to firing up a pair of Maggie IIa's?
Just to follow up on this - we hooked them up the Maggies yesterday and they work fine. They throw a much bigger soundstage in my room than my Verities, though at six times the frontal area I would expect them to. This is the first time I've ever ... 
Speaker grills
I leave mine on my Verity Fidelio Encores. They take just an ever-so-slight hard edge off the treble.