Who Has Technics Headshell with Azimuth Adjustment?

Something on my wish list is Technics head shell with an azimuth adjustment. I’ve seen some on eBay that claim to be the genuine Technics part:
So I’m compelled to ask: is it genuine or not?

Perhaps these might be the head shell that comes with the current SL-1200 range. Does anyone know for certain?
All my headshells have ''azimuth'' + effective length correction.
The 4 pin connector in the headshall can not only be rotated in
order to get the stylus straight but also to get the stylus eff.
length correct by moving the connector back and fort.
By Technics are fastening threads , alas, at the under site so the
only way to adjust the eff. lenght is to move the connector back
and fort.  
Nandric, did the headshell come with your turntable? If so what is the model number of your turntable?
I own SP-10,mk2 but use FR-64 S with this TT. I bought many
headshells all with ''azimuth'' adjustment . The Technics headshells
are suitable for (MM) carts which don't have screw threads. Those
can be fastened from underside so much more easy then with
nuts and screws.
Headshell azimuth adjustments are worthless IMO.

Azimuth adjustments need to be very fine (in a small window angle) to be of any practical value just as SRA.

You need index marks to know where you are, and then listen for optimal results, and move in steps back and forth to zero in for best sound quality.

Don_c55 would you agree that some adjustment capability is better than none? I only want to find out if the currently shipping Technics turntables have headshells with azimuth adjustment. Then I can pursue optimization of azimuth angle with a test record. 
The worthless method should not be substituted for the same
valuation or opinion. There are those small round levels which
can be put on the headshell . So it seems obvious that without
azimuth provision in the headshell those levels will be of no help.
BTW not only azimuth but also SRA , arm level and eff. length 
can be adjusted this way; by ''movable connector''.  If the cart is correctly made then all parameter can be adjusted in this way.  
From the Panasonic site photos it appears there is a set screw at the bottom of the barrel.  It may be that headshell removal is necessary to access that screw, which would be a pain.  Those manufacturers that provide a set screw on the side of the barrel at least allow adjustment without removing the headshell.
Whoever try to fasten carts without screw threads with screws and
nuts know how irritating this way of fastening is. For such carts the
AT headshells are much more easy to use.  Because screw threads
are at the under side no nuts are needed . Holding those small nuts
fast while trying to get the screw in is an nightmare. But because
there are only 3 such threads the effective length can be only adjusted  with movable 4 pin connector . To put this otherwise AT
headshells are not ''universal''. They are suitable for the carts without
screw threads. 
Nandric, you are missing the point of this thread: azimuth adjustment on a Technics headshell. 
Thanks imhififan for the links. I will call my local dealers to see if they can order a couple of these headshells for me. 

To to answer the question that many might be thinking, “why would you not just go aftermarket?”, it is because I want to keep my turntable build (vintage SL-1700mk2 original spring suspension, SL-1200mk2 feet, Audio-Technics VM540ML cartridge, balanced tonearm interconnect with XLR to my phono stage, KAB fluid damper, SL-1200mk2 dustcover, and soon - powder coat finish with original silver colour on the plinth) based on Panasonic parts as much as possible. It might turn out that Panasonic parts for everything don’t give me the results I’m looking for, but this is the path I want to pursue. 
Dear @sleepwalker65 : I understand that as possible as you can you want Panasonic/Technics.

All the Technics headshells are around the " mediocrity ", nothing better than that and I'm talking that are not the best match for cartridges and its headshell wires are too on that mediocrity levels.
The only Technics headshell I can recomend ( even that has no azymuth mechanism. ) is the original that came with the EPA 100MK2 tonearm.

If other than stay with " Panasonic " could " move " you as can be the quality level of what you are listening then try to look for other headshells that comes with the Azymuth adjustment that's really critical for quality level performance and if you follow with Panasonic at least change the headshell wires for a better quality ones: this is important/critical too for quality in your listening experiences.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
In my experience azimuth is a very important adjustment for great sound....however.....solidity in the arm is probably as important.  When I put the 2nd pivot on my VPI arm and used it for azimuth correction and solidifying the wobbly unipivot, it made a huge difference for the better.
Thanks for your input everyone. Of course setup for correct azimuth is a great challenge for people with diminished eyesight. Please join in on a new thread that I’m starting on measurement tools for that task. 

Wrong .YOU need index marks.I use $1 bubble level."

You can not accurately, precisely, and correctly set azimuth with a bubble level so you're azimuth is only correct by sheer, total, complete accident if it is accurate which it is probably is not.
Azimuth cannot be set with a bubble level with most cartridges that have glued-on styluses which are hardly ever 90 degrees perpendicular to the cantilever or cartridge body (and then to the record) - only the styli that are fitted through a hole drilled in the cantilever (usually aluminum) will have even a chance of being right.  Harry Weisfeld can be heard complaining about this on one of VPI's YouTube videos. Shibata styli are particularly picky about how they're aligned.