Which mono power amp would you choose and why?

In the next month I'm looking to get some feedback on which of these 2 mono power amps to buy, the Musical Fidelity m8-700m mono block power amplifier, or the Cary SA-500.1 ES  mono block power amplifier. I'm looking to spend between 7k and 9k for the pair. They will be hooked up to my new Benchmark LA4 line amplifier.


Google my company vujadeaudio more expensive but all point-to-point with better parts and better sound then the ones you are looking at.  Pure Class A tubes.  Built to last forever.




I already have 3 tube amps, the last one a Decware Zen TORII MK5, I don't need another low power amp, I'm looking for a high powered Class A/B mono amp to replace my Anthem P2 which I'm moving to my home theater room setup.

Thanks bigkidz, but I'm only looking for SS amps right now.

As I stated above I already have an amp that puts out 325W @8ohms, and 500W @4ohms

I am currently looking for between 500W @8ohms minimum, and 1,000W @4 ohms, why would I want to get an amp with less power than I already have.

The AHB2 has less power than my current amp.

This is not an answer to your question, but it may be helpful. I also have the LA4 and AHB2. I love the combo and will have this long term with my KEF LS50 Meta.

I will get a second LA4 for a system with potentially power-hungry speakers. I heard these speakers with the very powerful Hegel 30 mono, and it was a really fun listen. Not the cleanest sound on top but really fun.

I read about the new Rotel Michi M8 on A’gon, which is even more powerful and cheaper, so I went for a listen. The dealer only had the top end integrated but I was able to hear the Michi sound and it was pretty good, very quiet. It was not as clear sounding as my Class A or AHB2 amps, but it was rather good.

Rotel Michi M8 monoblock power amplifier | Stereophile.com

I am debating whether to go for massive power with the M8 (very useful for my potential speakers) or ultimate refinement with high power Class A (Krell or CODA).

Michi M8 Mono Power Amplifier; Black Pair (Open Box) - The Music Room (tmraudio.com)



Thanks for the info on the Michi M8, mono amps, i will have to check with tmr to see what price they are asking for the pair, because new they are out of my budget.

Power wise they are more than what I was looking for but I would rather have more power and not need it than not enough.

@alucard19 There is also a S5 stereo Mitchi amp that is in your power spec range available on USAudiomart. Though the price is not that great.

Michi (Rotel) S5 Amp Like New Powerhouse! For Sale - US Audio Mart

If you get a Michi I would be interested to hear your opinion. I have a tough time dismissing this amp as a contender.

sanders magtech monos. you will never need another amp.

all the power you need, stable below 1 Ohm.

not super heavy, stylish yet basic modern look.

unassuming amps, will drive any speaker made. they look average, but will drive any speaker to insane levels.


The Rotel Michi amps are also big bada$$es! power is almost unlimited. killer amps.



if i had a choice between th one 2, I would go with the MF amps.

but the warranty and service would send me to the Magtech monos.

30 day income trial, amazing fully regulated power supply, won’t clip these ladies in the near future.


If you belong to a Martin logan forum, you get a discount. or any electrostatic speaker forum. give a look. if your gonna drop that much coin, better have good reliability. only my measly opinion. If the coin, Sanders would be first on my list for a stereo amp or the wicked monos

Power (Monoblock Version)

1600 watts RMS into an 8 ohm load
2000 watts RMS into a 4 ohm load


DC through 100kHz

Class of Operation

Class AB

Input Impedance

100K unbalanced, 1K balanced


Input voltage required for full output

2.2 Volts


Nore than 110dB below rated output



32 dB


Less than 0.01%


Damping Factor

Greater than 600 into an 8 ohm load


Voltage is user selectable for use world-wide.



You may want to look for a Hegel H30 on the used market.  The advantage being this 1150 Watt Mono Amp can also be run in Stereo mode with a flick of a switch on the back panel.  Should meet your power requirements today and leave you the option of picking up a second H30 in the future.  Then you could run them as mono amps or as two stereo amps for bi-amping your speakers.  Terrific amps with multiple configuration possibilities. 


That Hegel H30 is nice but out of my price range at $15,000.00 each.


@arcticdeth I have looked at the Sanders mono block amps previously but like the Hegel they are out of my current price range at $14,000.00 per pair.  My budget is only around 7K to 9K for the pair not each.

 Thanks for the suggestions and I'm always open to new brands that I haven't considered, but right now I'm limited with my funds, but if things change ( I win lottery or rich relative dies and leaves me money), then I can look at the higher end gear.



Patience, search, and be patient , the Magtech will show up, then send or drive to Roger In Colorado, will make you monos from the stereos. Would be much cheaper that way. Or maybe Odyssey kismet monos. 
audio by van alstine has a deal;now,  monolocks and a pre for 5K  

check out the AVA 7500 m onos





Thanks for audio by van alstine  info, I'd rather keep an eye out for the Magtech amps. The Odyssey amps don't have the power I was looking for.

Just keep the suggestions coming. Time for sleep here in Illinois, just waiting for the snow and -25 degree weather to arrive in 2-4 hours.

@alucard19 - not sure what power you are looking for but watts mean nothing.  I just finished upgrading a Spectral power amp.  To me it was nothing special and rather boring in stock form.  Once upgrading the amplifier, it was another level that I would even consider buying one and I am a tube guy.  In my 20 + years of modifying gear, the upgrades sonically take components to a entire different level that the stock products offer.  You may want to consider something like that and have it upgraded.  Happy Listening.

I have a pair of Ampzilla 200 wpc monoblocks in my exercise room system. They have of course been modded by Doug Jesse of ASi Teknology and sound sublime. These occasionally show up on the used market. I have also a pair of JC1 monoblocks that have a less liquid slightly grainy sound. I also have Canary 140 wpc monoblock tube amps, modded of course, that sound very nice.

@jaymark Is your CODA #16 as powerful sounding as the other amps in your possession? I am also thinking like the OP to buy something with massive power over refinement. The CODA #16 is my idea of a refined amp the Michi that I referenced above should be an exciting amp but not as clean on top. I have heard both lines so that is where this opinion is based on.

I had a very fun 1+ hour demo with KEF Blade 1 and Hegel H30 monos in a big room. It also was not as clean sounding as the CODA #16 but a super fun listen. The H30 and Michi M8 are identical power wise. The Michi X5 I heard sounded a lot like Hegel, Class AB sound. Slightly grainy, with the Michi maybe smoother.

I just got off the phone with a local audio store and they said they will be getting the S5 or M8 in the shop in 2023. So, I am going to wait to hear these before I buy anything else. Until then a Peachtree GAN1 amp is coming in next week to hold me over.



@yyzsantabarbara the Coda sounds just as powerful as other amps that I have or have had.  The 150 wpc with 100 of them in Class A leave me wanting for nothing.

Potentially consider Threshold - you may be able to get some SA/1 monos re-capped at or below your price range.  I believe a former employee still services/updates them.  Think these would be hard to beat for the money.