Which main power cord?

Cullen Crossover Series vs. Synergistic Research Core AC.

I'm looking for a power cord to feed my power conditioner. All the front end components get plugged into my Furman Elite 15pfi while the power amp goes directly into the wall outlet.
Does anyone have experience with each of these cables? There is not a lot of information on either and they are both comparably priced. Any feedback would be helpful.
"Does anyone have experience with each of these cables?"

No, but for your application one of these should be a very good choice. ESP, Richard Grey, furutech.
It would be best to use same brand of power cable as power conditioner.
Nonsense! There are many great products out there from various brands that integrate far better than those all from the same brand. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy used power cords here, try them out in your system and then resell them here once you find the one that works best for you.
This is just a heavily biased personal value judgement .
In many high-end systems, both the manufacturer and dealer expressly recommend bi-passing any power conditioner and plug directly into into the wall plug on a dedicated power line for maximum performance .

If you have to use a PC because of wild power swings in say, an old apartment, then matching it to the PC pore cable seems best IMO, simply because anything up from the PC cord is a mismatch / waste anyway because of the filtering effect of the PC and its power cord.

If you can bypass the PC, then I totally agree with JAFOX to tailor the power chord to your system: the amp one may -- and frequently will be -- very different from the source power cable.

There is NO substitute for an actual test drive in your system. I went through about six recommendations (dealer loaners, amigo loaners ) before settling on the two power cables , and yes.... They are VERY different.

Two of the six contestants sounded like crap in my system, but performed great in my buddy's system.

System synergy matters ... Big time.
We speak from experience.
That's funny…..so do I. But I never get obsessed with any one company. And I do not get too carried away with any one designer as there is a wealth of talented audio engineers out there constantly improving the reproduction of music in the home.

The problem with running with cables from one company, or electronics all from one company, is that you get an additive result of colorations and flaws within that product line. If this works for you, that's fine. Even with products of tonal coherency, there is always a tradeoff between detail/clarity and the portrayal of space. Not one product yet gets it all perfect. So until then, we are each left to find a set of products, which integrate into a system to give us a hint of the qualities within the music.
JAFOX .....

Great final post !! IMO You are correct: a vertical integration of product offerings may or may NOT work best.

Again .....

(1) It depends ......, and
(2) you ain't gonna know until you actually test drive it --hands on -- in your system -- full stop!
(3) to assume otherwise, with sole or primary reliance on either mag reviews or these anecdotal personally heavy biased plugs of one's own faves here, is a lousy odds gamble at best with negligible assurances that the "faves" will actually work in your system.

Release the hounds! .... Let the hunt begin....
Richard Gray stuff ruined the sound of my system....I couldn't get it out fast enough.
"09-19-14: Stringreen
Richard Gray stuff ruined the sound of my system....I couldn't get it out fast enough."

Ayre designs their products to be used with the stock PC. I tried quite a few PC's on my Ayre components and found the stock cable was the best sounding.
John (Jafox) is spot on with his posts, as usual.

Highfidelitycyprus is new here, and should disclose that he is a dealer.
Welcome to the Audiogon forums Highfidelitycyprus. Dealers and manufacturers are welcome here, but they are encouraged to disclose their identity to increase transparency for the readers.
"... Ayre designs their products to be used with the stock PC. I tried quite a few PC's on my Ayre components and found the stock cable was the best sounding...."

REGA, NAIM, LFD, LINN do also.

The REGA Couple cable built to their specs by KLOTZ in Germany is a high -end cable that comes standard with their Osiris amp and Isis valve cdp.

Personally and hands-on in my "A" system, I A-B'd many external power cables and I always went back to the REGA stock cable as a superior performer.

Curiously, they bested the $1K+ top Furutech with its gold plated plugs,; the top Oyaide cable, Cardas, Ecosse modded with the top Furutech connectors, and Atlas among others.

The Furutech, LFD, and Ecosse perform admirably in my "B" system

Again, the takeaway is that system synergy - including tailoring cables - matters.
You need plenty of clean current.

Try the Pangea AC9SE from AudioAdvisor for 30 days and return it if you don't like it.

I think it's a 7 gauge cord, using different qualities of copper (FPC, PCOCC)

Buy/borrow one to audition/demo head to head against your other contenders.

Power cords are very important, and you don't want to spend $500-$1000+.. just to try them out only to find out they are not ideal.
Something as simple as plugging a component into the wall shouldn't be much of a chore should it?
Any working power cord will do the job.

But, some power cords do the job better than others, and only those who have done the grunt work can attest to this.
All others are only making assumptions.

Some folks seem to need graphs and white papers to back up their claims or make them feel comfortable.
Some of us really do trust our ears,because in my world I listen to the music.I don't read it for enjoyment.

You can build your own power cords.
I've done it many times.Use good connectors.I like Furutech.Recently I tried some NeoTech connectors and they were quite good.
You can also experiment with different wires of all thicknesses and compositions and from different manufacturers.

For me this is the fun part of this hobby.

Have I made anything that betters the Annaconda's I use?
But,on some gear the DIY aren't too shabby.

So where to place the better power cords?
Right now I have them on all the source components,the DIY are on the power amps.

But that's because I need longer power cords for the amps than the standard Shunyata lengths.

I am a believer in keeping wires the same , whether interconnect or power cord or speaker wires.

Providing the house sound is to your liking.
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