Where to listen hi end systems in Manhattan?

Hello guys
I will be on september a few days in Manhattan. 
I dont have the chance to listen to hi end systems at home (Argentina) , so I would LOVE to have the opportunity to listen to at least one good system on my visit there.
I wont be buying anything, just visiting.
Any suggestion? Any store or place recomended? 
Thank you! 

If you can get a ride to New Jersey, Audioconnection would be my first choice. Call Johnny and see if he can help with transportation. You'd also be close to Rutts Hut and could sample their famous hotdogs. Mmm...
Unfortunately, I don't have any recommendations for Manhattan dealers, as most are way too creepy for me.
In Manhattan, Innovative Audio, Lyric Hifi, and Sound by Singer are the big high end stores. None of them are very supportive of just stopping by to listen. Andy Singer is kind of off-putting if you don’t have an appointment.

You might do better seeing if some of the forum members want to show off their systems. Or go to one of the new audiophile bars-

Thank you guys. 
@ahofer, are those links places to drink and listen to music? Do they have a dedicated audiophile music room or are they just bars with cool sound and music?  Either way, they look nice. Have you been in one of them? 

Thank you both for the info. By the way, I would LOVE to hear some other high end system, if a fellow member offers it, but I dont know if he will be comfortable receiving a strange at home. 
Well given the way Manhattan dealers operate I think the solution should be obvious. You are the personal assistant to plga. Plga is loaded with cash from his five 100k head cattle ranches but short on time, none of the good stuff is here in Argentina so can you ship? Might  be able to fit you in for an hour, two at most, after 7pm on the 22nd. etc. 

They are gonna be that way, probably blow you off anyway regardless, might as well have some fun. Who knows, one of these a-holes may even take the bait.

Me, I would look up Mikey Fremer. In a heartbeat. Fremer is a real guy who unlike these hosers actually cares and might even take you up on it. Worth a shot.
By the way. There is a Harman Store, wich also has some high end brands like JBL and Mark Levinson, but I guess it must be like an improved Best Buy.

Have you been there? 
One hour east of Manhattan by train in Masapequa NY. 
We will pick you up at the station                                           
My dealer Sound Insight    https://youtu.be/T8AHssbAvaY
Contact info on my web site www.gtaudioworks.com
Go hear others first then come over to hear how its done.
Hello Greg
Thank you for the invitation!
I will try my best to be there and listen to your gear, Im sure it sounds amazing. 
I will contact you latter on. 
Kind regards 
We would also welcome you Plga, our shop Audio Doctor in nearby Jersey City has the largest collection of audio/video gear in the tristate area.

We have most of the major brands available:

Loudspeakers: KEF, Dali, PSB, Paradigm, Elac, ATC, Quad, Legacy, Golden Ear plus more

Electronics: Naim, Rega, Peachtree, Nad, Micromega, Nuprime, Audio Control,Manly Labs, Parasound, Anthem, CJ, Cary, Sythesis, Unison Research, T+A, Electrcomaniet.

Digital: Mytek, Lumin, Naim, T+A, Innous, Baetis, Ifi and more.

We have over 60 lines of gear www.audiodoctor.com/wp

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Thank you Dave for the offer! 

I would also be delighted to visit you.

I will see how to manage my time and I will contact you too.

Yes, Audio Doctor has a really wide selection of things to listen to, you'd enjoy that. Dave's a nice, enthusiastic guy and his dog is a sweetheart. 

Oddly enough, I haven't been in one of the NY audiophile bars, but I have been in one in Tokyo, where that sort of thing has been around for a while.  (I didn't think the sound was any great shakes, however)

It's sort of an emerging phenomenon in the US, though-

I'm definitely going to check some out.  I'm an 'empty-nester' now, and I get to do stuff like that!
Hello guys
I've just canje back from vacations and I visited Dave from Audio Doctor in New Jersey.
He was very kind and showed me some very nice high end systems he has on exhibit, two of them for music stereo and one down stairs with a full Home Theater system, like a cinema.
He also has MULTIPLE gear all around the place, is like Disneyland for the audiophiles  :-) 
All I can say is that if you live around the area, you are audiophile and you are looking for new audio or video gear, you should seriously consider give Dave a visit.
Im sure he can show you a lot of gear and also advice you as he has a LOT of experiencie on the field. 
Thank you Dave! 

I will be opening a listening room in northern New Jersey soon.  PM me and I will send invites to whom is interested.