Where to buy unterminated speaker wire

I want to bi-wire my speakers while not spending a fortune. I have the necessary spades for connecting between my odyssey stratos amp and my CDM7SE B&W speakers. Does any one sell good quality unterminated speaker wire ($5/ft max if not internally biwired or $10/ft if internally biwired)? Thanks, sweet sounds to all.
I'd try The Parts Connexion--www.partsconnexion.com, I think, or do a Google search. They used to sell Kimber TCSS and may plan to again once they're fully up and running again. They have an 800 number, findable on the web site.
we sell the phonex gold zpmr-4 -- bi-wire unterminated in whatever length you would like

also many - non bi-wires

check out our showcase on audiogon or contact us at

good listening
Hi: Unfortunately, S7's price guesstimate on the Kimber 8TC is incorrect. The MSRP for Kimber 8TC recently increased to $14 a linear foot, and 4TC is $8 per linear foot. However, Kimber Kable 8VS and 4VS fall within your budget, and are also very good speaker cables that offer high value. The only difference between the "TC" and "VS" cable lines is the material used to insulate the stranded wires: "TC" (abbreviation for "Teflon coated") uses Teflon, whereas "VS" (abbreviation for "vari-strand") uses a less expensive dielectric insulation.

You could either use the 8VS for an internally bi-wired setup, or use two runs of 4VS in a true bi-wire configuration. My personal recommendation is to use 4VS in the true bi-wire configuration, since internal bi-wiring tends to negate the whole reason for bi-wiring: complete physical separation of the carriers for the mid/high frequencies from the low frequencies.

You could also make a true bi-wire cable using 4VS for the mid/high frequency section, and 8VS for the low frequency section (which carries more power to drive the woofer). I assembled such a bi-wire pair for use in my son's audio/HT system, and it works very well.

Contact any Kimber Kable retail dealer -- they should have the "TC", "VS", and "PR" lines of Kimber speaker cable for sale in bulk, unterminated form. If you don't have a local dealer, check Kimber's Web site for a dealer list:
Another vote for Kimber. Sdcampbell says it well.

I'm using about 700 feet of their Kwik 12 for a whole house in-ceiling application, but I also use 8TC with a pair of Talon Khorus. The 8TC is just an incredible value, and I suspect that their 4VS or 8VS would be as well (at a lower price point).