Unterminated speaker cabling sources?

I already have several sets of GLS Locking Banana plugs and I am looking to put them on some better quality wire than the Lowes/Home Depot stuff. I have ordered Salk Sound speakers, and was looking into ready made cabling. But yesterday I found these Banana plugs that I had forgotten I had, so I thought I might as well start out using them on some better speaker cabling. I want speaker cabling that is sheilded. I have seen what Blue Jeans Cable has and wondered what other mid priced options are out there for unterminated speaker cabling. Anybody know anything about Mogami cable?
You can get Paul Speltz Anti cables unterminated or send your bannana plugs to him and he will insatll them for you on his cables......Great cables too.............Personally I would prefer unterminated over Bannana plugs to be honest.....
FWIW, If you ask anyone in professional audio what cables they use you get the same answer - Mogami. It's not unreasonably priced. What the pros use seems like a good option but since it's not expensive it may not be worthy of the more demanding application of home audio (sarcasm intended).
I did a quick google on Mogami and they seem to have numerous types of cable that could be used to drive speakers. Any particular part numbers better than others for that purpose?