Best deal on unterminated bulk silver speaker cable for budget audiophiles

Anyone know who has the best deal on silver speaker cable at the moment? I heard Clear day cable was very good, but the owner is not producing any cable at the moment. (The price on those was still a bit out of my range, anyway). I am probably not wanting to spend over $200 total for a 15 foot pair. Is this even realistic? Not adverse from buying from other countries...


At commodity silver pricing, a 15' pair made with around eight twisted 20awg strands per conductor will run you around $1000, plus $100 for a roll of 3/8" polyolefin heat shrink tube from McMaster Carr.    

Another suggestion is The Big Twist from Tempo Electric. A few years ago I bought two pairs of 12 gauge solid core silver (one for each amp) for $1600. Since then, prices have risen steeply on both silver and the Teflon tube insulation used.

You probably won't do better than Dave G's suggestion, though.

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Thanks guys, I was afraid of that. I'll probably keep checking for used clear day cable to hopefully get a good deal at some point.
 Re tempo, is 7 feet long enough for you?  I have them. I looked you up to PM you and you didn't come up. Kindly pm me if you want more info. Thank you.
Move the amps closer to the speakers.
You can buy less costly microphone cable from the pro dealers which is likely the same as was used during the recording 😁.
Skin effect also affects the audio range. Use separate insulated strands of AWG #27 or thinner. 
Try navships on e-bay.  He specializes in many different gauge silver plated copper wire, very high quality mil spec.  Used on Navy ships and NASA.  I’ve purchased a number of his products and find them excellent.  Multi strand with each strand silver plated.  Have rebuilt a few amps with his wire and to my ear compares well to pure silver wire.  I think his thickest gauge is 12, but the prices are so favorable I’ve doubled them up making a braid for speaker cables.  
The SC-5 ePlus Cryo Treated Speaker Cable from Audio Art Cable would be the one you want 8ft for $950.00 plus what ever type of connector for an extra $50.00 to $100.00 dollars.

Try these guys:

Maybe not quite what you are looking for but it never hurts to check.  Thanks. 

Another reasonably priced source for silver plated copper strand cables is to google “amplifier surgery”.  Located just south of Chicago.  He hand builds his cables and gets good reviews.  He is on e-bay and on etsy.  I have a pair and they are built well and sound excellent to my ear. 
I’ve spoken to this guy: and he’s going to make me a pair of 2m, 8 strand solid silver core cables, terminated with silver spades and built in jumpers for a little over £400.
Cables are assessed for directionality and cryo’d. He’ll also sell them unterminated. He also does interconnects.

I don't know if he ships to the US, but I don't see why he wouldn't, he was very accommodating when I spoke with him.

Prior to that I was looking at
They’ll sell you any length of solid silver core cable at various gauges. You’ll need to coat it yourself though, which is where I gave up.