Bi-wiring with unterminated speaker wire?

Hi, I have an old power amp with bare wire connections for the speaker wire.  My speakers have dual binding posts for bi-wiring.  Can I make my own bi-wire using two lengths of unterminated wire, twisting the two red and two black together on the “amplifier” end, and connecting the 4 ended side to the speakers binding posts?
Why not but the wire itself and how it's configured  (twisted etc) can have an effect on the sound. As any wire will.
Yes, and I’ve often wondered if bare wire is a better and more pure connection versus introducing more connections and different metals by adding spades and plugs — not to mention the added expense of doing so.  Go for it!
HI Soix- you can stop wondering.  Bare Wire connections ARE the best performing for a wide number of reasons.  Here's the catch- bare wire is the best connection possible for a VERY short period of time.  Unless the bare wire connection is treated and/or sealed, it will very quickly start oxidizing and the performance will suffer.  That is the main reason for formal terminations- you can seal the connection and dramatically slow down the oxidation effect ( notice I did not say eliminate it).
Just be sure not to short anything inadvertantly- though your amps fuses should reduce any chance of serious damage.