Where can I go to audition vinyl audio around Los Angeles area?

I myself do not have any vinyl but would like to understand how vinyl sounds in comparison to digital sound. Any stores or audio group/club?


any audio retailer of decent equipment will be selling Turntables and have impressive LP's to demonstrate.

be careful of first impressions, i.e. don't buy right away, get impressed, "yes I want this", next research, questions, 

start modestly, determine you will stick with vinyl, then after some hands on, finish your research.

If they are open by appointment (Covid?).


-Audio Element, Pasadena

-Acoustic Image, Studio City

-Upscale Audio, OC?


Audio Element is owned by Brooks Berden's son (heard that the Brooks Berden/Monrovia shop was moving to WA state).





Good advice, I would add Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica, Sunny Components in Covina. But I would be very upfront about your intentions to learn and discern….


Try Shelley's Stereo in Woodland Hills. A store of quality. I've bought my share of stuff from them.

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To "do" vinyl playback right can get into some money and involves several different components including the cartridge, arm and phono stage. A cheap, badly set up vinyl front end may not give you the full measure of what makes vinyl playback desirable. (Leaving aside the "dude, I just got some vinyls" as a lifestyle statement). 

I'm not raising this to put you off or to make you spend your life savings on stereo equipment, but to suggest that you get an opportunity to hear some top end systems, even if you aren't quite at that point. I also agree that you are likely to get a better reception from a dealer if you call in advance, not at the last moment, explain that you want to hear what vinyl is capable of, and are not planning to buy the day of your visit. A dealer who is capable of building long term relationships may be willing to give you a little time, knowing that there is a possible return on that in the future. 

Alex at Alma in San Diego (used to be in La Jolla) carried some good products and has pretty good taste. He may be worth the drive and does sell some used high end gear as well. A good dealer isn't easy to find and should be treasured as a long term relationship in which both parties benefit. 

Good hunting!