What do you know about the Pro-Ac Subwoofer?????

Well I've got a Velodyne ULD-15 and I thought that a newer designed subwoofer might be better. The ULD-15 sounds kind of muddy. I don't need a lot of volume ,but just good bass.I would be using it with a pair of Pro-Ac 1-SC's. Let me know what you think......Will
Not to try and change the subject, but I have been using a
REL Storm II sub with Proac Response 1SC speakers(front and rear), and a Proac CC1 center channel, and it works very well, and it replaced a Velodyne F1800RII, which was great for
home theater, but not for music. I am not familiar with the Proac sub, but the specs(driver size, amp power, and response) are somewhat similar, and a used REL can be purchased for around $700. Good luck on your search!

It seems you are going the way I already went thru.I have Proac 1.5 as mains, Tablett as rears and CC1 center and also thought about Proac sub. I tried to reserch but could not find any review so decided to go with REL Storm - very happy since. I agree with Calvin1 on everything.
Good luck!
I have the ProAc sub and have generally been very happy with it with one exception. The lowest x-over frequency is 60Hz, which was too high with my Audio Physic Tempos. I was able to correct with my TacT 2.0 digital correction equalizer, so my story had a happy ending. My guess is the 1-SC will be fine with a 60Hz x-over point. I found the sub to be up to the task of both music and home theater in my small/mid size room. I have not heard the RELs at home, but from the auditioning I have done, it seems like the REL and the ProAc are very close in their musicality, but the ProAc seems like it can move more air before sounding strained than the REL. I don't think you'll go wrong with either one.
I'm not interested in home theater at all,just music. I don't play music too loud . I might look into the Rel also. The best price I got on the Pro-Ac was 1440.00, which seems high ,but I quess you have to play up for good equipment. Thanks for the input......Will
continuing off the subject... I have proac supertowers and a REL stadium II and the combination is a no-brainer: easy to set up and seamless. The lowest Xover is 30 which is where I set it. Good luck
I spent a bit of time a few weeks back listening to the ER-One with the 1SC's and came away a bit disappointed. Generally, I thought the bass was a little flabby and didn't extend to the lower frequencies very well. I played with the crossover a tad (the unit allows you to adjust the high/low freq levels as well as the crossover freq and volume) and found that while it made a significant difference to the sound, I never was able to dial it in quite right. I wasn't able to change the placement of the sub, so it is possible that it needed to sit a better spot to sound its best.

A few things it did have going for it was that it looked great (will fit easily into a living room decor), wasn't terribly large, and had that nice, warm Proac sound. Perhaps under better conditions I would have been more impressed, but as it was I left feeling that a better sub could be had for the money.