Westchester, New York

Interested in joing/starting an audiophile group in Westchester County, NY. Not looking for anything formal, just an opportunity to share a bottle of wine or two, discuss audiophile stuff and listen to other people's equiptment and have them listen to mine and give their thoughts for improvement. If there already is such a group, I would be interested in the details. Otherwise, anyone interested should post me.
Hi, I am in White Plains and would be interested in contacting you regarding this matter. I don't have my system posted here, but it is very similar to yours. I would love to hear your turntable, as I am in the market for one myself.
I'm in Riverdale N.Y....I'm also looking for a audiophile group as well. What part of Westchester?
I'm in Mamaroneck. Looks like we also have someone in white plains. Will try to email youy phone number
ok. There appears to be 3 of us. Enough to start a gropup, I guess. I'll give you a call Lee and maybe we can arrange a listening session with some wine and cheese (or perhaps some single malt). My basement listening area is in a mess right now (construction), so perhaps we can start with one of your homes if possible.

My system is as follows:

Grand Prix DD turntable, Ortofon A90 cartridge, Dynavector tonearm, Dartzeel pre-amp and amp, Evolution Acoustics MM speakers and cables.
Lee - I'll give you a call tomorrow sometime if that's OK.

I am a novice and my system is not much to speak of:
Adcom GFA-555II amp, GTP-500II Pre-amp, GDA-700 DAC, SqueezeBox, Monitor Audio Silver 7i

After hearing my friends system:
Krell KAV-250, McIntosh preamp, Wattpuppy 5 speakers

I "got the bug" and recently joined two audiophile groups in order to hear what's out there with the hopes of eventually upgrading to at least entry level hifi.

I joined the LI Based Audio Syndrome and have attended two meetings so far. I joined the CT Audio Society with the hopes of attending meetings taking place in Southern CT -- but that has not happened yet.

I can reach out the both groups and see if there are any other interested parties in a Westchester club.
Trying to set up a first meeting for this Friday, if possible. Lee has generously offered up his place in Riverdale for the first meeting (Lee, is there a number limit?) Anyone interested should send me an email (cohn_richard@hotmail.com) and I will send around an email to everyone to coordinate. Steve, I must have gotten your email wrong, as I got it bounced back.
I saw your Sonus Faber impression.
You stated that you have Salon's w/ Tenor 300's.
I am looking at S2's now.
From feedback I am told they are evry hungry!
Is the 300 enough to drive them high SPL?
I have a large room -10,00 cu/ft.

Sorry for resurrecting  this from the dead  -  wondering  if the group is still around and excepting members.  I'm in Yonkers.
Maybe someone will see this. Thanks

We have a listening room in Northern New Jersey with multiple components and speakers and we are willing to host if you are willing to take a little drive.

PM me.

We are audio Intellect in nj we have fivelistening rooms and many top premium brands we can bring you gear to test

Wesell kef focal atc legacy cabasse krellnad naim bricsti zesto coda synthesis abd many others


Dave and troy



  We have audio group  NY , NJ  ( joined) , , Usally made meeting in NJ