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In wall cable
I am just getting ready to install two additional dedicated lines in my sound room. I bought 200 feet of this. http://www.soundstringcable.com/gen2/Bulk-Delta-3-12-High-Out-put-30-Amp-Power-Supply-Cord-Power-Cord-Cable.htm. 
Tell us your worst audio dealer or mfr. experience.
Zanden Audio and The Audio Shoppe in Mass. 
Ultimate center speaker in a small HT set up?
Look at Legacy Audio options. 
High Quality Digital Coax RCA to BNC Adaptors
Purist Audio Design. 
Greatest song titles..
Most of the Zappa titles are pretty good. 
Darbee DVP 5000 and an OTA Digital Tuner
Hi,I have the same TV and same Oppo. I ended up running the video from my sources to a DVDO Iscan to Darbee to TV. I bought the Iscan because my HT processor's video board went out and the manufacturer wanted over $1000.00 to repair. The DVDO is f... 
Audiophile Level DB25 Connector for Datasat RS20I
Hi,Try Neil @ Sound Science. 
Do you indulge when listening to your rig?
Always something when listening at night and I'm in for the evening. 
WARM 5 channel amp - suggestions?
Conrad Johnson. 
Excellent Customer Service
I've purchased several things from Anthony and agree with your assessment. 
Song With Best Beginning
ELP. "From the Beginning" 
If you were setting up a music server today ...
You did great up until you used the word "wireless". Just as necessary as having dedicated AC lines, I would recommend running high quality cat 6e or even cat7 cable and connect to your various systems using wire. Controlling the mac wireless is n... 
Anthem Statement D2V
If you want to have 3D capabilities and bring your video quality up a few notches take a look at the DVDO video processors. They do a much better job than the video processor in the Anthem IMO. 
Best Amplifier at $3000 for PSB or VA
Check out the new Job amps recently released by goldmund. 
Do I have a "balance" problem?
Have you actually checked the distance from the center of your listening chair to the tweeter of both speakers? If you have positioned your speakers by measuring from the walls to the speakers there is still a good chance they are not equadistant ...