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Changing a speaker color
I have Speakers Co In Brooklyn , I can do it to refinish High Gloss Black      
What if a high end speaker measures really badly?
This is very simple , The High -End speakers must to be got good sound (using you hearing ability and must got good measurements ( No big wide dips ets) . If The measurement is bad and you like the sound . Something wrong with you, but if   measur... 
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
Same situation with open baffle lowers   
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
To compare all other loudspeaker company Tektone using proline woofers with cloth surround instead traditional woofers with rubber . it make some benefits. like more sensitivity ,better midbass and punch bass performance but need more bigger size ... 
Anyone Running Pro Speakers in your "High-End" System?
All pro line using High Efficiance Wofers with cloth surround  , The resonanse  frequancy pro line higher them home audio  woofers  with rubber surround and requered big boxes , They dont care about low end, the produces  punch bass . Some LS , li... 
The D'Appolito, MTM Configuration
 https://bacheaudio.com/portfolios/sofia-102/Posted before, see my version D Appolito design whch i use in  all  Sofia line Loudspeakers  
The D'Appolito, MTM Configuration
We slightly modified D Appolito design in our Sofia loudspeaker line . using very small tweeter between two flat sides of woofers . quasi coaxial design https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisb79ch-bache-audio-sofia-102-full-range    
Steve Guttenberg reviews an ATC active?
Steve made the nice review , i think he is most knowledgeable audio expert who can not only made  qualified  video  ,  also is very helpful   
This weekend, Feb. 16-18th - 2024 Florida International Audio Expo
Dont forget to go room  #309  HIFILOGIC  with Charney Audio Loudspeakers , must listen , very good sound.  
Westchester, New York
  We have audio group  NY , NJ  ( joined) , , Usally made meeting in NJ  
My speaker upgrade journey - and a few questions
@jcs01 you not far from me, you can come over to my showroom in Brooklyn or we  make A/B comparison `with my brand speakers in you room  
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Tektone !!!, Save Money to Las Vegas Trip , Play Casino and get you money BACK !!!  
Efficient speakers -- What was your journey from A to B to ?
Very hard to make efficiancy speaker, no refrigerator size, First- lowbass driver must be active to mach sinsitvity other driver, Horn tweeter is must, dont look whizzer cone -is the chip mechanical tweeter attached to main cone and have the poor ... 
Floor to Bookshelf
Hello Williams, i am happy to got this real feedback, i hope another audiogoners  can listen   
Clayton Shaw Acoustic Lab's Caladan open-baffle speaker ($3295/pair).
@steakster ---- which can be overcome with good positioning - in a good room.-----  ,     I dont  think so,  Sound wave from front side of cone and back side  neutralize  each other , depending only of baffle and speaker cone size . For 2 12 " w...