WAF Friendly Soundproofing ?

My new house has very thick walls and doors and generous proportions to the listening room.

Unfortunately, however, I have noticed that there is at least a 1" gap under the door, which leads to a hard, reflective floor in the front hall, and this seems to allow the sound to leak out underneath the door.

Wondering if my wife will wander in and say it is too loud for the baby does not create the best listening session.

But unfortunately, cheap weatherstripping on the door from the living room to the front hall wont pass the WAF test.

Any tips, tricks, or ideas? Thank you.
Get a Guillotine-type seal for the bottom of the door. Available at HD or ACE. They come housed in brass, alum. paint etc. They attach to the bottom edge of the door. When you close the door, a seal strip drops down to the floor to seal the gap. As soon as you open the door, the strip lifts up to allow the door to swing freely.

You should probably use some kind of gasket (I recommend felt) around the other three sides of the door.
Good advice Nsgarch. I have that no my door, and it works wonders. Sound really "leaks" through the gaps.

Two things. On my unit, you must router a slot in the bottom of the door for the "guillotine" to fit into when not extended. Also, I don't think mine would extend as much as one inch. It may be necessary to also install a threshold for the guillotine to push down against.
Go to www.hagerhinge.com and check under door weathgerstripping abd door bottoms. These can be installed into the door or surface mounted. They are used in sound proofed rooms.
Peter, the units I've used are surface mount, and the seal slides up into the housing -- no need to router the door bottom -- but your version sounds like it would make a neater appearance.
Low budget, Wife acceptable solution:
Get a long stuffed door draft pillow. Close the door and stick the pillow along the bottom. They many times are made up to look like Dachshund dogs, etc. Cutesy. Women love em. Frankly I think they're stupid, and you probably will too. But hey, it should block a significant amount of noise and look a lot better than hardware. I have no clue where you get them. Probably some online home furnishing/linnens stores would have them or know about them.