Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation

I have been living with these speakers a little over a week now. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. They do so much right and so little wrong. It’s a shame that this company had to call it quits. So much performance from what is essentially a modestly sized enclosure, they completely fill my 400+ sq. ft. room with beautiful sound. I’m just starting this thread to echo what’s already been said about Verity speakers.


Thanks Toronto. The Parsifal that I heard did not have that doubt the provided that option to eliminate the issue I was referring to. In the setting I listened in the owner had a ton of sound proofing behind them and to my ears they sounded muffled. The electronics wore very high end and I could not fault them..


Ozzy take your medication.....and enter anger management therapy. lol

@sounds_real_audio Your initial comment was silly and obnoxious and your subsequent responses are only making you look worse. It’s evident the one instance where you heard Parsifals they were compromised likely in both their placement and with too much sound proofing that could make many speakers sound muffled (I heard that effect once listening to some Rockport speakers in an over-damped room but knew better than to blame it on the speakers). You’re the only one I’ve ever read saying anything remotely negative about the Parsifals, and considering the source it’s obvious what your opinion here is worth. Go troll elsewhere.


I don’t suffer fools. But if you think I’m angry, you give yourself way too much credit. It takes more than strangers on the internet to get my goat. And trust me, you are about as insignificant as they come.


"You guys are special. Love the ad hominem attacks."

They are richly deserved.