Velodyne DD+12 or JL F113 subwoofer?

If you could get either for the same price, and could only choose one, which would you get?
JL F113 subwoofer would be my preference from hearing it at a store in vaughan, ontario. Extremely low bass extension that is smooth and precise. I can find out the place for you if your interested!
I own two of the F113's and can tell you the DD18 non plus was a contender. The smaller F113 is a little faster which makes them slightly more musical. The new DD plus with the class D amps may or may not make up the difference but either one will deliver very solid and musical bass. You also need to look at the different features of both but for music the JL is tough to beat.
Both are excellent, but it depends if you intend to take advantage of room correction; then the Velodyne wins easily, and any of the big Paradigms would be even better because of PBK, which is not limited to one listening position. The higher the crossover frequency you intend to use, the more true that is.
Vlad is spot on. the software in mt dd12 (not plus) is great. it really helped me get the bass right. spent months fooling around with the settings until i nailed it. could not have done the same with many/most subs.

have heard nothing but good regarding the F113... but i'm still enjoying what the dd12 brings to the table.....options!
I have Paradigm Studio Sub12 and PBK is great. I'm also interested in how Sub12 would stack up against F113 in terms of musicality.