VanL Speakerworks still in business?

Several months ago I wrote a review of a VanL Speakerworks speaker for the Silhouette, a lovely small floor stander.

In the process of the review I learned the tech at VanL does mods. I took them my fine condition Belles Theatrix for an internal overhaul. Now, the tech suffers serious health problems, so I can be most patient on the order of months if good communication is maintained. The initial estimated time became much longer, but good communication chased way concern.

The modded amp was given an extreme makeover as explained to me, but had too much transformer noise such that it was now unusable with more efficient speakers, and after several weeks (weeks, not months) the redesigned power switch failed and the unit could only be powered on or off via power plug. VanL took it back to fix, estimated time a couple weeks. John VanLeishout had been very good with communication up to that point. I have had a drop off in contact despite emails and phone calls. At this point VanL has my amp and my money and communication has faltered for nearly two months versus response in a day prior.

Any assistance to learn the status and get this moving forward would be appreciated. I would expect that if John and the tech are healthy this will be resolved to my satisfaction. But the drop off in what was timely contact has me concerned that the men are well and the amp will be completed.

You've been through this before...remember Vapor Audio. BTW, how's that working out for you? I would assume pretty well considering what the prices have gone up to last I looked.
My patience with Vapor Audio was well rewarded. Perhaps in this instance, too, things will turn out very nicely.  :)

Does anyone have particular assistance in regard to my inquiry?


I just spoke to John, at Van L Speakerworks, and he will have Mark his tech call you. He didnt realize he didnt already call you.  I called John today and didnt leave a message but he called me back within ten minutes. Sorry to hear about the communication issue as John has always been wonderful to deal with in every facet except maybe slow to call me back at times. Lol
tuffy72561, I appreciate the update regarding John. He has historically been not only cordial, but timely. I anticipate a good turn here. :) 
Doug I know John for a long time, very nice and very funny guy, Mark is very nice too, very knowledgeable, you always call them on the promise date, they can be slow at times waiting for the parts, I might pass by the shop this Sunday, to see what’s going on, John can get too busy and forget, I don’t think he writes to Remember....
It’s been a while now, but I wish to draw this to a close, as I left it open-ended.

In the end I did not get satisfaction from VanL Speakerworks. The amp went through two techs, and never was repaired to the point that it worked fine. About 3 weeks after the second round of repair, the amp exhibited the same problem, failing on startup, then after a couple of those incidents, not starting up at all.

It sat in my basement for quite a while as I waited for reply from my multiple attempts to contact VanL. Nothing, zero. Finally, last month I gave it to my son, who is a mechanical engineer and has an interest in fixing it. Why not? I was not going to put another penny into it with the potential that it would be either unresolved or costly just to make it operate again. So, my son can have a science project, and if shrewd enough, a reasonable amp when finished.

So, this process, intended to juice the performance of the Theatrix ended up with me spending $800 on it, and it sitting either in a repair shop, or unusable in my basement for several years.

But, over the intervening two years some very good things have happened in terms of amplification. I’m on a different tangent with amps, so I’m fairly certain I will not be concerned with any vintage amplification in the future. I cannot see myself caring again for any older SS or tube amp. So, the dead as door nail Theatrix becomes the last of the A or A/B SS amps that graced my home, and a class D becomes the new standard. Farewell to a bygone era. More like good riddance. :)