VANDERSTEEN dealer in Tacoma WA has reopened under new ownership

HIGH NOTE AUDIO is now the Vandersteen dealer (and Audio Research, Rega, Audioquest, and other brands too) in Tacoma, WA.

It was formerly Advanced Audio, owned by Definitive out of Seattle, and closed shop briefly a few months ago. Victor Prinsen was one of two main guys at the old store, and has reopened the shop in the same location. He hopes to have a grand reopening soon. He is also looking for some good help. Victor is a good fellow (cheerful, helpful, and patient), and I have bought speakers and a CD player from him and hope to spend more money soon!

I was amazed that for short time it seemed that the closest Vandersteen dealer in the PacNW to Seattle would be Portland OR, with none in Seattle.


Thx Patrick - Victor is a great soul, a family man who is charting his own future as owner versus employee - i wish him well and as you might imagine have been in touch, exchanging photos. He and his wife putting in loads of remodeling sweat equity. I might also add Victor plays in the Tacoma orchestra…. ;-)

I was a long time customer of Advanced , almost to the founding by Curtis Havens , the tradition of great audio available in Tacoma continues with Vandersteen as a core product. Vandersteen since 1977.



@tomic601 - Jim, I know you go way back with them! I volunteered to come down and help him paint the store, but I think he was shy about accepting. I really wish him well—he is such a good and hard-working guy. If I lived closer and was more qualified, I would offer to work there part time. Now I just need more money to spend there! 😎



This is Great news! Always good to read about a new Audio shop opening. You guys in the PNW are very fortunate to have such an excellent selection of Audio stores. Here's to Victor!


Happy Listening!


Great to hear you are relaunching Curtis Havens's legendary store.

Keep in touch, and reach out anytime!!!

Also, ask Tomic to pop in he is a genius and would both benefit sonically and therapeutically

 Best JohynnyR

Audio Connection Verona NJ


I've been there once specifically to listen to Vandersteen Treo's. They were more than welcoming and assured an excellent listening experience. Will be my first call when I have the funds to make that move.

Excellent, northbeach!

I really want to buy some Treo CTs from Victor. I wish for him great success.

audioconnection John, I really hope to visit you someday. This is what I love about all the Vandersteen dealers I have worked with and know—just very nice, kind, supportive people. Cheers.



I am so happy to hear this.  It’s so hard to find dealers nowadays, let alone great ones.  I have loved all the Vandy dealers I have visited over the years.