Vandersteen 2ce

After going through umpteen speakers in the sub $2000 category I understand why Vandersteen is the top selling audiophile speaker. I bought a pair of Vandersteen 2ce's for $430. Best speaker I've ever owned by far. You guys were right about they sound great with any amp. I like them better with the Harman Kardon HK4390 than my much more expensive Vectuer Club Six. I'm sure 120 vs 60 watts has a lot to do with that. It will be very hard to pull me away from the Vandersteen lineup from here on out.
Been thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair, but haven't heard them/ can't get by the looks. Congrats, though..
Audiobore, I didn't spend much money on these speakers yet they really are fantastic. I get the sparkly details yet as one poster said "the music just flows out of them". I have a pair of 1b's which are nice but these are much better. I'm elated.
The only other times I've been as moved as listening to to the 2ce's are when I had Reynaud Twins match with a Decware Zen amp and when I had Magnepan MMG's in a 10 by 10 foot room on the diagonal with a 14 foot ceiling.
One listen to a pair of Vandersteen 2CE Sig2s in the dark will disable your confusion.
Cheers JohnnyR
Yes also a Vandy dealer
When I was ready to give up on my speaker search, it was the 2CE sigs that first caught my attention.
It's difficult to find a better speaker at this price.

Additionally, the 2CE performs well with a wide variety of amplifiers.

Can't go wrong with the Two series. Doesn't matter what model two series you have, pretty much amplifiers friendly, I've use amp from 50wpc to 300wpc and the Vandersteen just keeps performing its best.

I've owned Vandys from 2CI, to 2CE Sig. II, which I'm using now and driving them with my two vintage (1970) McIntosh MC2100 that is set to use as mono block at 210watts per amp.
My only issue with these is their size...and that fact that with most Vandys (except 5's and up) you can't take the covers off to look at things...I know that sounds lame but I like to poke around speakers, tighten the speaker bolts, take the drivers out and look at 'em. I do think Vandys are least the ones I've heard, including the 1Bs I used to own and all the 2s I've ever heard. Small baffles for the higher frequency drivers...subs or transmission lines...GREAT speakers.
I'm with Wolf_garcia--I too like to do those things and even replace low- to medium-quality parts with better ones. I have 5As and have replaced a few parts in their x-overs, but physically the boards are jammed with parts. Here's a pic with original parts.

Here's a pic with the 3 bypass caps replaced.

I've upgraded parts in my new VCC-1 centerchannel speaker; that required removing the bottom plate, removing staples, and pulling the sock up to remove the driver and x-over.

It can be done, but it requires patience and a bit of work.
What about just the Model 2's, not the 2c or 2e?

Seen a pair locally on sale for $300 but frankly they look like they are pretty old.
just 2s over 30 years old....
listen to them at low volume with a slow moving piano cd, you can easliy hear if the voice coils are rubbing, then listen to make sure you like em and you are AOK

Hey, what kind of speaker cable terminations can connect to the 2ce Sig II? I have cables with bananas, and don't really want to have to purchase new cables. I checked on the Vandersteen site, but I could not find any pic of the terminals.

Also, can they be ordered on line? I don't have a dealer within 90 miles.
The terminals are the old fashioned small spades....Richard says they are the best sounding he's found.
On my 2CE Sig II, I use the audioquest Rocket 88 biwiires for the speaker cable that has the spade terminals of about 7/16 in width.