Utah - How bout it?

I would be interested in starting something in the Salt Lake area. So few of us around.
I know it's been a while since you all proposed that a club be started in Utah, but that would be great if you all are still interested. Three is better than none.
Flip, I'm new at this, but it would be nice to see a little audiophile spark in the Salt Lake area, so put me on your list. Alf45
Sorry, I haven't checked this post for a while. It's good to see there'e a few of us. Where do we start?
How about we try and meet up at someone's house or maybe an audio shop(I can only think of a few: Aurant, Audioworks, or Reference Audio), and go from there. Just a suggestion.
I'm still game... Scott and I had a little discussion many months ago. Unfortunately I haven't been frequenting here lately. Let's set something up...

What would you like to do? I'm definately game, just say when and let's see if we can get everyone who's interested on the same page. Dan or Scott, how about one of you name a time and place and see if maybe we can get something started.
Hello Everyone:

Alan (Alf45) and I spoke a few days ago and we definitely would like to get everyone together as a group. Maybe we could start by meeting on a Friday evening at a somewhat central location.

To get started I think it would be a good idea to find out where we all live. But first, I would suggest those who are interested just shoot me an email and we'll take our discussions of the details off this Audiogon public forum.

What's going on with everyone? There was a bit of interest and then nothing for a while. Let's get something started.
What's going on with everyone, we had something going and now nothing. Is everyone still game?
Someone just make a time and place and we'll be there. Don't worry about the number of people, just as long as we have a core to start with. It would be nice to get started before the weather makes driving not so fun.
How about October 18 in the evening? We could meet in Centerville or further south?
Oct.18 is good, but since I live in Orem, maybe somewhere in Salt Lake would be better for me. Anyone live in Salt Lake that would be willing to open their homes to a few crazy audiophiles?
Guys, what's going on? We seem to get things started but that's it. I would really love to hear some of you guys' systems. Let's get it going and keep it going this time. Someone set a time and place and let's just do it!
OK, as soon as I hear from everyone--I'll set a time and place. Maybe Bountiful?
Since I live in Orem, I would prefer some place like Salt Lake, but if it has to be Bountiful that's fine with me. Just as long as we get something going I'm happy!
Scott, my Yahoo email crashed and I had to acquire a new one. I tried to respond to your invitation when it crashed and I couldn't get back to that space again. So give me the details. Thanks, Alan
Okay, I take it everyone is still interested :) I've met with a fellow audiophile and we'd like to get an initial meeting scheduled to get things rolling. We're thinking about Saturday, Feb 21st in the afternoon/early evening (maybe between 4-6pm). The main purpose of this meeting would be to meet everyone and discuss ideas regarding the club.

For everyone who's still interested, please send an email to utahaudioclub@comcast.net with your name, contact information, general location, and availability. I'll get a list assembled and come up with more concrete information on the time and location.

Anyone who is interested in joining us please send your contact info in an email to utahaudiophilesociety@comcast.net and we'll contact you regarding our next meeting and upcoming activites. Thanks,

Dan H
VP - Utah Audiophile Society
I had a hard time signing up on yahoo. and more problems interfacing afterwards. We are keen on participating, but we get strange error messages from yahoo and comcast. Can we get a little help on hooking up with the Utah group?
I have resolved my yahoo difficulty but I could not find the meeting location. I will be around after the 25th. How do I use the site to get a location, or do I e-mail somebody?
Heavystarch, I'm in Orem and we have another guy that lives in Provo as well. Aceto, you can check the calendar as well as the home page and there will be updates as to the when and where of our next meeting, you can always just e-mail me as well at henri_tero@yahooo.com and I can give you all the info. As far as I know we have one tentatively scheduled for two weeks from this weekend. I say tentatively because Jim Fosgate doesn't know whether he wants to host us on the weekend or a weekday.
Just wondering, I would like to participate if possible. E-mail me at cbuhl@yahoo.com if get togethers still happen.

Yep, we're still here and meeting from month to month. I've sent you an invite to join a yahoo group we've been using for a mailing list. Anyone else who is interested in high-fidelity audio/video reproduction and gatherings in Utah can read more about us at www.utahaudiophilesociety.com. The site needs a little updating for upcoming events, but does have some additional info. Thanks,

VP - Utah Audiophile Society