Us: hobbyists vs perfectionists vs aural epicureans vs rampant consumers vs bad Buddhists?

Anyone care to discuss this? How do you think of yourself in reference to your urge/itch/compulsion to upgrade your system?

If you find this topic silly or pointless or offensive, why not post in another thread that interests you more?
Anally retentive Epicureans? I guess that’d make us bad Buddhists. There is obviously also a Dionysean component at play which has to do with good vibes.
I guess I better leave it at that before I get into trouble with the Thought Police.
I tell people all the time that there are no thought police. Are they lurking here? Am I wrong? Do I have to start thinking pure, grade A Buddhist thoughts--no longer craving for my system to be other than it is? After all, everything is perfect just the way it is (and there's tremendous room for improvement, I've heard.) Perhaps if I can learn to accommodate this paradox, my speakers' bass will become tighter.
In all my years here I don’t remember anyone else requesting that another member be "banned".
Recently, there has been an epidemics of it. In, now defunct, rap threads people were going gung-ho on millercarbon. For the record, I was against it and somehow tried to defend his thoughts despite them being different from mine.

Even more recently, in millercarbon’s own thread, he suggested my (?!!!) removal. In other threads, he bragged about people being removed.

millercarbon05-10-2021 3:00pm

"...This member deserves to be banned for life from all things audio. He has nothing to contribute but hate. He is the antithesis of what we are doing here..."

I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a vast amount of gear and speakers and kept all the good ones so anytime i want to upgrade i just hook up another pair of speakers or hook up an alternative system. So when the urge occurs i am lucky to be able to fill that need right away.