Upgrades for my new speaker upgrade

After downsizing to a smaller house and therefore smaller music room, we upgraded our speakers and equipment. We found the smaller room was harsh on the highs and needed some attention. I ordered 3 of the ATS acoustic panels for behind our seating. This may be the least expensive sound upgrade I have ever made. My wife noticed the difference immediately and look to me in shock at how much it changed the sound. 
I highly recommend them and can say for sure you will get the wife’s seal of approval 😉

Yep, room acoustics are high on my list, especially with small rooms. I recommend GIK Acoustics for cost, variety and effectiveness.

Yeah, I'll never forget the difference in my system when we moved from a second floor apartment to a house where I have a dedicated listening room in the basement on a concrete slab.  Night and day!!!  In the apartment I had bass issues I couldn't overcome (short of using room treatments as u guys have rightly mentioned).  In the basement, no bass issues whatsoever -- just well-balanced sound.  As has been said on this site ad nauseum, the room is the most important and most-often-neglected part of any system.  Kudos to @erik_squires for consistently pressing this point!!!
Truth!I have a basicly square room and GIK treatments have helped tremendously.