Upgrade B&W 805D2 to 802D2 or 802D3?

Hi. I currently have 805D2 which I am very happy with but want to upgrade. I saw ads for 802D2 for $8500 and 802D3 for $15,000…a HUGE difference. Has anyone compared the 2? Is it worth the difference in price to go for 802D3? Thanks!



I’d suggest going to listen to Joseph Audio Pulsars or Perspectives. I got to hear 805 D3s next to Pulsars, and the Pulsars just did everything better. Imaging, soundstage, disappearing act, bass, overall musicality— no contest. The. D3s are good, but nowhere near the best at the price IMHO. My advice, go listen to the Perspectives and I think your questions will be answered. 

Bookshelf speaker vs. Floorstansing is non comparison. 802 have more full detail and range over its smaller counterpart.  I have vintage 805s and 803s, 

You probably know this, but the current version of 800 series Diamonds is the D4. Which launched last year.