KEF LS50, B&W 805D2, B&W 805S opinions wanted

I have the KEF LS50 on trial. Sounds amazing. Then I listened to the Bowers 805D3. The imaging and sound stage is on another level. I’m running these speakers without a sub. Using Simaudio gear to power the speakers. I can’t afford the D3s, but can afford the 805D2 Diamond or the 805s. Given that I would buy the 805s pre-owned I want to get opinions before purchasing. The more responses the better. Thanks so much!

ps. I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly rock. 
Good call. What about the 804N too? Are you suggesting a floorstander and pass on diamond tweeters?

I had the salesman at Best Buy play the 804d3 and 702s2. I noticed the 3 ways didn’t have more bass, but had more separation. The problem is the 805D3 was auditioned in their high end room which is highly treated. The 804 and 702 were auditioned in another room with the 805 on a Rotel and the 804&702 on a Onyko or Denon. My guess is the rooms and amps may have skewed my favor to the 805. 
It reads as though you have LS50s in your home but you auditioned 805D3s in Best Buy’s highly treated room. If that’s the case, you really can’t draw any useful conclusions as to which performs better regarding imaging and soundstage. Unfortunately, you need to hear both in the same setup, same wall distances etc, to make that assessment.

 The LS50s should provide pinpoint-imaging that competes with some of the best, though they can’t accomplish the same sense of scale (soundstage size and spatial cues derived from deep bass) as a larger speaker. Though, in an untreated room, with speakers <2’ from the walls, or similarly compromised placement, you’re not going to hear LS50s (or 95% of speakers out there) at their best.

I have the active LS50s in my second system with the TV, and I think they are excellent imagers mid and near field.  Great for rock, but for classical they don't quite have the timbre right, to my ears. Right up the line, the Kefs aren't quite as open as Thiel or Harbeth, which are my primary points of comparison.  
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My opinion only, but where the 705S2 excels is the driver integration, which is the most seamless I've heard from a B&W. The consequence of this is a speaker that conveys dynamic nuance exceptionally well, and is incredibly engaging. More so in fact that the more expensive 3-ways. 

Personally, I would be inclined to buy 705S2's and add quality subs if deeper bass and more SPL is required when funds permit.