b&w 805d2, d3, pm1, and others

hi, there,

i am thinking of getting a new bookshelf speaker. there are couple speakers in my mind
b&w 805d2, 805d3
b&w pm1, cm6 s2
pmc twenty.22
psb synchrony one b
focal aria 906
kef ls50

those speakers are not in the same price range. it is used for classical music (large orchestra works). i am looking for a pair with possible best performance/price ratio. getting a speaker like cm6 s2 would allow me to stay comfortably within my budget. as i am new to audiophile, i am not sure should i go for little bit more high-end, or just stay in entry level. i wonder if extra budget (805d2, d3) actually makes the difference, i would go them. thank a bunch.

I was pretty impressed with sonus faber bookshelf i heard a few weeks back. you might give those a listen
If you are REALLY interested in the power and the glory of large classical music, you ain't gonna get it with a bookshelf.  Get yourself a top rated earphone and accompanying amp for it.  You'll be so highly impressed, you may only use your speakers for background music.
Sad, but true. It a minimum, you'll want to add a subwoofer to the monitors. Big orchestral works require full range and little speakers won't get the job done. For chamber music, jazz etc. that's another story. Cheers,
I have listened to the 805d2's but not the d3s.  I really like the D2's but they yearn for a subwoofer.  You can do a lot with a Rel T9 or larger.  I've heard these together and it all worked beautifully.  I'm sure know this but the rest of your components also obviously matter a lot, too.  I think the 805's pair nicely with a Parasound Amp.  You can go with their integrated and get great price/performance.