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It is probably "off topic' rather than Tech Talk, but I am wondering why I am denied assess to Audio Asylum/Tubes Asylum web site (the site says 'Forbidden - You don't have permission to access this resource'). Like in Audiogon, I've read and sometimes participated in very useful and interesting discussions there for more than ten years and I've never breached their rules. So, my question is a kind of a Tech Talk because I cannot (for some reason unknown) address my question there. Any advice and opinions will be appteciated.  
Are you using a VPN? Some websites block IP addresses. If you are using a VPN, try using a different server.
I've encountered the same thing with my VPN software turned on and disabling it solved the problem. I suspect lostbears is correct. 
I cruise AA but I have found most of the guys there are real cheapskates. They are always talking about ancient equipment which I never thought was very good to begin with. Our buddy Geoffkait resides there now, spewing the same nonsense as he did here. A lot of those guys are even more arrogant than we are here. 
As far as know, there are many competent guys there like Jim McShane, Airtime, vintage guru Mike Samra and many others...
stereo 5 - I’ve visited Audio Asylum almost every day for some years and my experience has been quite different from yours. The level of technical expertise and the willingness to help others is high and there’s far less of the uninformed posturing I sometimes find here.
Do they have the guy who keeps hammering Class-D?

If not, we should introduce him to that forum as well. 
@milpai Oddly that guy you're asking about turned up on DIYAudio a few years back looking for very basic information about setting up a simple tube-based line stage.
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