Tour dates of classical musicians

Looking among top 10 classical musicians, I noted none of them tour USA

Looking further among top 20 classical musicians, I noted none of them tour USA.

Looking even more further among top 30 classical musicians, I noted none of them tour USA.

Did you notice that?

Is classical music dead in USA?


News to me.  I just saw Beatrice Rana schlep all the way from Italy last weekend to play the Rachmaninov Paganini Rhapsody in Chicago.  Is she on your list?  She won a Classical Grammy (for whatever that is worth) for her recording of the Goldberg Variations.  Oh, and the Conductor was Lahav Shani, who has just replaced Zubin Mehta who stepped down as Music Director of the Israel Philharmonic after 50 years.  Is he on the list?  Shani went to Boston with the same program minus the Rach with Jean-Yves Thibaudet playing the Saint-Sean’s Egyptian.  He must be on the list as he has recorded the complete works of everybody.

  Please name names.  Perhaps you are confusing performers with composers.  Most of the latter are dead and won’t be booking concert tours any time soon

I just bought tickets for Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. I attend the symphony here in Prescott Arizona about once a month

I go to many concerts in Denver featuring top musicians. The Friends of Chamber Music series, for one. 

There are many smaller orchestras and groups performing, too. 

Support local music if you can.