Timbernation Speaker Stands

I just wanted to give some recognition to the wonderful work that Chris at Timbernation does. Aside from some of the best audio racks made to his other offerings that have nothing to do with audio but would satisfy any furniture needs, he makes some mighty fine speaker stands.

He makes several types and the ones I chose look like a wooden version of several types of highly rated metal stands. They are virtually inert and can be made to fit any size speaker. The improvement in sound was more than I anticipated, transforming the listening experience by tightening up the soundstage, focusing the players or instruments and gaining better separation.

All in all, one of the best investments I've made. I"ve always been a sucker for the time proven way of something hand made and not mass produced and these really float my boat.

You can see them here, here and here.

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Nice! If I ever get monitors I'll definitely consider those.
I'm using three of his maple platforms, 2 - 4" thick and 1 - 6" thick.
I too would recommend his products.
Thanks for the feedback. I too am looking for stands for my Kef R300s. I liked the look of wood far better than black composite and the WAF is pretty key too. I see yours are on carpet. I would have to put mine on a wood floor which has a concrete pad under it. Any thoughts on these under that kind of performance requirement. I cannot put spikes into the wood under pain of death.
I have padding under the carpet which all lies on concrete and they can easily sway side to side but not so much front to back. I tried setting them on some thin flagstone and some butcher blocks which made them more stable but the sound didn't improve any. The function of isolation is really what counts. I've been to audio salons and saw the same results with metal stands on solid wood floors but having no kids or pets makes it easy not to worry. I might even add some small spikes but don't really see the need: they stay put and sound great.

Aside from the incredibly inert nature of the maple wood and it's ability to isolate, I have to give credit to Herbie's Square Fat Dots which act as footers between the speaker bottom and the top of the stands. They are denser than the Tenderfeet and don't easily compress, if at all.

As for your wood floors, I'd opt for some small, thin area carpets under the stands and that should solve any problems. If you still have any doubts, keep in mind my speakers are only 8" wide so the stands are narrower than usual. As long as you keep the front to back measurement even with your speakers, you can go a little wider on the width and not affect the sound at all and it would still look nice.

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I appreciate the feedback and suggestions. I know my wife will prefer the wooden stands for the aesthetics. I am more focused on the sound but can't neglect the other aspects. I am going to get them specced and ordered.
I used the Herbie's Audio Lab Cone/Spike Decoupling Glider under my spiked speakers to protect the wooden floor in my room. Herbie's has a number of other products that might work under your stands to protect your wooden floor from spikes.

Also, I bought a rack from Timbernation and I am very happy with the appearance and worksmanship. You can see it in my system.
Timbernation is awesome but agree for under speakers, symposium is an incredible sonic upgrade. drains every little vibration away from those drivers... you will hear things you never heard. DANGER is they will make you go out and upgrade everything else. The things that dont make your rig sound incredible are very small...teeny tiney vibration in the speakers is probably one of the most common.