Think I ruined stylus

Help me out please, think I ruined my stylus! Have a Rega Exact 2, about 3 months old. 
Was listening to a record with my lady the other night.. we got to doing .. you know.. things.. left record playing and went upstairs for a couple hours. Obviously record ended and the stylus kept tracking. 

Went to play record yesterday and sound is just loud noise - maybe can barely make out some music… 


I didn’t think letting the record track at end would result in this! 


Depends on which album you were listening to. For example, most modern pressings of Bolero have proactively removed the Dead Wax in anticipation of such events. Others, it's pretty much hit and miss.

Perhaps an tonearm lifter would be a good investment?

Hope your dynamic range is just as impressive upstairs as it is downstairs.

Some of my larger cartridges physically impinge upon the large SME clamp sitting on top of the label, which makes for a rude awakening if the music has soothed my savage breast. I had not thought of that as an advantage, but now I shall try.

How's the stylus look? If the groove in the dead wax passes under the edge of a slightly eccentric label, I could see it being damaged by collision with the label edge.


are you referring to looking at the stylus, or the other activities mentioned in the OP?