The Stereo Times Coda S5.5 amplifier just posted today. Thanks guys

Just wanted to inform and thank all the Gon members who have participated on the "Petite Beast" Coda S5.5 thread that the Stereo Times review went live this morning. The thank you is for sharing your experiences with the S5.5 in your systems, which became part of my review. I hope my review explains why this is a special amplifier in a way that does justice to it.

Thanks again, Teajay (Terry London)


Nice review and sounds like an exceptional amp. Just a few follow-up questions…

- Is it a fully balanced design?

- How hot does it get at idle and when pushed, and would you be comfortable leaving it on 24/7?

- How long does it take for it to warm up and sound good after being turned off?

- What are the main sonic differences between this and your Aric amp?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Hey soix,

1) Fully balanced

2) I do leave it on 24/7 and it gets relatively hot, but not hideously so.

3) When taken out of stand-by, I would say about twenty minutes to start to sing.

4) The S5.5 gets the tonality/colors of the AricAudio tube gear, and then adds transparency, bass control, and dynamics of great solid state. The S5.5 also has one of the best top ends of any amplifier, solid state or tube based, I have ever heard.


Hi Teajay

I'm considering the S5.5.  Do you suppose it will pair well with the Audio Physic Avanterra?  I believe you've reviewed both.