The SHOW 2021 is a Go!

We are delighted to announce that T.H.E. Show 2021 is a GO!  
Please mark your calendars for June 11 -13 2021 at

The Hilton, Long Beach, CA
701 W. Ocean Drive, Long Beach, CA

Get those masks ready guys !

Yeah but way more zombies screeching wear a mask yay! Get those masks ready guys! Yay! My mind is pure slush, yay! 

Ran into a couple people lately been on vacation in Florida, where they would never even know there is anything to worry about. They come back to the Left Coast, where the "traffic advisory" on I90 reads, "VACCINATED OR NOT PLEASE MASK UP!" I kid you not.  

So you are vaccinated, you cannot get it, cannot spread it, but wear a mask anyway. While these same people lecture about following "the science". 

Largest mass delusion since, I don't know when. Maybe ever.  
 Yay! Right? Get your mass delusion ready guys! Yay!!!
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Chuck, I agree with you always on this. "They" have said "even after vaccinated one can still contract it and spread it. Before that, it was "people can be asymptomatic and still contagious. Now, digital "passports" on one's phone are being pushed, to allow certain freedoms. I seem to recall this current administration promised to Cure Cancer "if elected"
As a chemical engineer from the pharmaceutical industry, there’s a few issues to explain.
Regarding the virus:
1st - getting vaccinated means if you contract the virus, your body has built up an immunity. It does not mean you can’t spread the virus.
2nd - getting vaccinated isn’t 100% effective. These vaccines, which happen to be the fastest ever developed for a major virus, have effective rates of ~ 75% to 96% so nothing is 100% effective.
3rd - there’s still divergent information on how long a vaccinated person remains immune to contracting Covid, with ranges from 3 to 9 months.
4th - there’s no long term testing done, for both the vaccine or the disease. Because of the double digit mortality rate - the vaccine development was accelerated and inoculation is being expedited.
Regarding masks:
The Covid virus isn't an airborne virus, if it was we all would already have it. It spreads on contact. What makes this virus spread so fast is it's ability to remain active outside the body for a relatively extended period of time.
When humans exhale, moisture is a part of our breath. This moisture is actually very small water droplets.  It's the tiny water droplets / moisture in the breath we exhale that contain the virus and spread the disease. A much cruder example is when some sneezes on you.
Wearing a mask helps reduce the moisture in the breath we exhale coming into contact with another person. It's not 100% effective, and I don't believe I'm aware of it being stated otherwise.
So realize getting vaccinated doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a mask to help reduce the spread of Covid.
There’s are many more issues, but they’re not for this forum.
Back to T.H.E. Show 2021...Anyone here going? I hope to be there Saturday. 

I'm new to this site so I was wondering if Audiogon members do anything extra for the show, like a get together or lunch or drinks afterwards?