The best speaker cables you’ve had

Simply put, the best you’ve owned and/or heard.


I had a full loom of Audience AU24sx.  Loved them.  Then my dealer, while delivering my Hailey 2 speakers swapped in a set of K-S Elation speaker cables. Much fuller midrange and better bass, while still having great highs.  Full spectrum.  I now feel the AU24sx’s were thin sounding but with great highs.  I now have all KS.

Good news is the AU24 SX were ez to sell.

Hopefully what I should be hooking up tomorrow.

Been using Duelund DCA 12 bare for a couple years with good results. Ordered their best silver foil 3.0 along with special order Aeco pure silver spades that I waited on special order for 9 weeks. Have them built now...we will see, or should I say hear.