Streaming services.

I am just beginning to venture into streaming. So far I only stream radio stations or my library from my NAS.  I would appreciate opinions on various services , quality , content, ease of use, price or whatever your thoughts about streaming. Which service has the best selection of blues, jazz, classical, 60's 70's rock/ folk and celtic music?    
Tidal has me covered so far.
Great rock selection but reputed to not be so hot for jazz or classical.
The word is that Quboz will handle those genres better but for me their rock selection was a lot slimmer than Tidal so no go for myself.
I have been waiting on Quboz but beginning to wonder if they will ever get here. I don' t go to deep in jazz or classical but I like blues and Celtic a lot. 
i would say spotify for your genres--tidal sounds better but costs twice as much and doesn't have quite the depth of catalog
I concur with loomis, Spotify has a better catalog and is easily accessible-more than Tidal.
Unfortunately, I have been having problems with Spotify running through my Bluesound Node (skipping).
Tidal has rarely failed me on searches. I like Pop and Rock. Using Bluesound Node 2. For my 'budget' system Tidal is hard to beat vs CD on Marantz SA 8004. Makes me lazy not getting up to change CDs but its great, still like to spin one now and then. Enjoy!
Opinions here mirrors what I have read in reviews Spotify has more content Tidal better SQ, and Quboz pushed back till early 2019 release date. Thanks for the input at least they have free trials. 
Tidal for rock imho had just as much content as Spotify with vastly superior SQ especially MQA.

Using the Bluos AP for Tidal control I find the interface is silly smooth with no operational issues at all.
Tidal hands down.  The sound quality it really good. Spotify has more music but it’s not even close SQ WISE 
Myself and a few other members have had issues with Deezer playback And their customer service is non existent.

But their catalogue was good on rock I agree, it could be a worthy alternative to Tidal if the fix the two aforementioned items.
I signed up for the free 30 day tidal trial. So far I like it, easy to use. Been able to find everything I searched for, from Santana to Mozart to Dave Brubeck to Tab Benoit ...
I use Spotify to find new music and then go to Tidal to play it at higher res.
Spotify has a neat Discover tab that uses the music you like/play and finds similar artists.
I haven't tried Spotify but I haven't had any problems finding music on Tidal and I  found a section that shows similar artists as well as influences. 
I just started a 30-day trial for Deezer premium and really like it. The FLAC sonic quality is phenomenal. My one beef is that my Oppo 105 won't stream it (it only does Tidal), but my family room system with humble Elac B6's has come to life.

So far I have ben very happy with Tidal, surprised actually by the sound quailty. . There is one thing.  I found a CD , Donovan's Cosmic Wheels one time and haven't been able to find it again.  I can find the song but not the whole CD. Is this normal? Do they remove as well as add stuff? 
Unfortunately at times they do remove stuff as well.
I have had that on a few occasions, it is not common but does occur.
A small slight in the general scheme of things Tidal imho
I can buy the CD and add it to my library then. My wife had the LP when we met and wanted to listen again, we had both forgotten about it, at least Tidal jogs the old memory when searching. Finding so many things hard to keep track. Thanks  all.