Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!

Do your speakers sound dull and lifeless?  Well that's because speakers are not made from real musicians, or even real musical instruments.  Well I alone have a solution for this...





Kenjet what is so superior in your system that others don’t know ?

itismany times theQuality + plus system synergy ,Thst being said since I have been rebuilding the biggest weakness even in good speakers theQuality of the Xover 

which is the ♥️ or 🧠 of thespeaker ,most are average quality at best .

having owned a Audio store for a number of years until around 2010 

rule on most all   audio ,25%is all that goes into the product including packaging ,the rest R&D overhead and markup . That’s why  electronics can add up $$ fast to have premium parts , speakers included, cables have the most profit margins for the companies , everyone has different taste ,and your room acoustics, and room treatments can have a profound effect , any weak link in the chain can totally throw off the synergy and balance. Spending 40+ years i have had pretty much out there in Audio types , now I look for high quality value in design ,no more$100 k+ audio systems . For $40-$60k you should be able to have a very respectable sounding system.everything  takes time, unless you have $$ deep pockets.

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Ive had more than a few different high end commercial speakers such as B&w, dynaudio to name a few in here to audition. Why dont they ever sound good then? If the speaker designers are so superior why did the speakers sound rubbish? Ive had dynaudio contour 20s here supposedlly one of the finest standmounts on the planet. They were horrific. Explain that then

The anagram for Kinjet is Inkjet. That’s all I need to know. He’s having you on folks. Always has. 
Here’s a conspiracy theory. Kinjet is MillerCarbon’s alter ego. Thoughts?

@erik_squires Your bait taken! 

I think the wheels came off this stuff as soon as it hit the forum. Kind of a waste of time to read any of this other than it seems like a parody of an actual relevant audio discussion.